Fall Parts of Speech Word Search

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If you’re like me, teaching and learning about parts of speech is lots of nerdy fun! If you’re like my kids, well, it’s not so much fun. If you want to make teaching and learning the parts of speech more fun for your family, try using these Parts of Speech printables!

Today’s printable is actually a word search–which most kids enjoy doing. It’s a fun way to practice what they’re learning in a way that’s enjoyable and doesn’t seem like “doing school.”

To do this activity, you’ll need to have colored pencils or highlighters ready so your kids can color code the words they find. In other words, each part of speech (noun, verb, or adjective) will be colored or highlighted in a different color.

This is a one-page, print-and-go activity — grab it in our shop today! (And of course, feel free to make copies of this for each of your children.)

You’ll also find links to the other printables in this series below in the You May Also Like section!


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