Fall Adjectives Read and Write Pack

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Looking for a fun and simple way to introduce your young child to the concept of adjectives? Today’s Fall Adjectives Read and Write Pack pack is the perfect printable to help! It’s also one in a series that you can use to introduce your child to various parts of speech (all the with the same fall-theme!) The adjectives in this pack all have to do with fall! Even better, you can also use them as sight words, spelling words, and writing practice! Take this versatile and easy-to-use pack and have fun using it to inspire some autumnal, language arts fun in your homeschool!

What’s included:

This 19 page printable will introduce your child to some wonderful adjectives (AKA “describing words”) which all have to do with fall! Each word is clearly and largely printed on a word wall strip. For each word included, there is also a correspondingly large, blank handwriting strip that your child can use to practice writing that word! Since this pack is all about fall adjectives, colorful fall-themed images are included that can be matched with each adjective. 

How to use it:

These words great to use in teaching your child about adjectives, but they also make great spelling words! We suggest printing these on cardstock, cutting them out and laminating them so your kids can practice writing the words with dry erase markers. You can put the word wall cards and matching pictures in a pocket chart and then put the read-and-write cards on a ring so the kids can use them to practice their spelling words throughout the week.

If you have younger children, be sure to tuck these printables away and save them to use later on with the younger ones. (Another good reason to laminate them!)

We hope you enjoy this Fall Adjectives Read and Write Pack! If you’d like to continue with a fall theme for teaching your child about other parts of speech, be sure to also check out the other articles in this series (linked below!) 

Click here to get your Fall Adjectives Read and Write Pack!

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