A Visual Guide to Landforms

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After publishing my landforms interactive pack this past week, many of you have said you weren’t sure which of the landforms are which. So, I took a moment to put together this visual guide to landforms that you can print and hang in your homeschool space or place in a binder for your child. This should be helpful for using our Landforms Interactive Notebook Pack.

Landforms Get the high quality printable version of the visual guide to landforms in our shop!

A special thanks to Ashley Hughes for the beautiful graphics

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  1. Above it says: Get the high quality printable version of the visual guide to landforms in our shop!…and yet, it is NOT free.

    1. You can get it for free using our “pay what you can” option. 🙂 All you have to do is enter 0.00 in the space where you see the price.

      Evidently, this resource was shared as being free in multiple places before Trish and I (Wendy) bought the site. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing what was shared or where, so it’s impossible for us to change every reference to every printable that was shared in previous years. However, almost all of our resources can still be downloaded for free using the “pay what you can” option I mentioned. We truly do our best to be a blessing to the moms in our audience and to provide lots of wonderful resources for free. However, it does cost us money to make these printables (or have someone make them for us), to keep the website going, etc. We ask for your understanding if you see an old reference, and we still give you the option of downloading for free even though some of the resources aren’t still in the “freebie” period. We are human beings who are working hard, doing our best, and attempting to bless moms with what we do. We ask for your understanding just as you would ask for ours if you were in our situation.

    2. i know right? what a click bait. they should be responsible to make sure that info is clearly realayed for a short period of time only knowing not everyone knows. Credibility is key and honesty is king!

      1. Lecole, I’m so sorry you feel like we weren’t honest! Please read my above response. Unfortunately, we sometimes make mistakes or are unable to change old information. Our intention is not to be dishonest, and it’s certainly not to share “click bait.” We truly do hope you can see our sincerity and will give us grace as we would do in the same situation for you.

  2. Thank you~!! Today we are using your landform printables and yes, I was wondering how I was going to work out what was what. I really appreciate your sharing. Thanks so much.

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