Why Logic of English Works for Us

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I’m actually having a lot of fun sharing our curriculum favorites this week. So far, the pattern seems to be that I like curriculum that makes life easy for me in one way or another.

Logic of English is a company that falls into that category, although its for a very different reason. So far, we’ve used just about every single product offered in the LOE Store (we don’t have the tactile cards, although I want them!) and have had a good experience with all of them.

I have a couple reviews up for Logic of English (I seem to write about it a lot!)

Logic of English Essentials Review
Logic of English Foundations A Review
Uncovering the Logic of English Book Review

Teach your Child to Read with Logic of English Foundations

1. Logic of English is Thorough

Of everything I teach, Logic of English is the program that takes the absolute most time from me and my students. Its not for the faint of heart! If you want your child to really learn the English language, why it works, and how to make it work for them, this is the program for you.

Logic of English starts by teaching the phonograms, the very basic sounds that letters, and combinations of letters make in the English language. Then, it layers on top of that the grammar and spelling rules that dictate how we put words together, and voila, you know how to write and read in English.

A lot of people think it’s a spelling program. And it is. But its also a reading program, and a grammar program, and it helps teach punctuation, and vocabulary. It’s A LOT of things. And it’s awesome.

2. Logic of English Essentials is Complete

Essentials is the book you would use for a child who already knows how to read. I’ve used it with Bug (I actually taught him to read with it before Foundations came about) and have gone through it twice with him (once focusing on phonograms and reading, and once with a spelling and grammar focus).


Now, he doesn’t need a spelling program. He knows the phonograms, and knows the rules. We’ve started keeping a spelling journal, where we break down words he comes across and misspells. We mark them up the LOE way, consult our phonogram cards (and advanced cards, if the word has origins from other languages) and write it down.

At this point, simply marking the words, and evaluating the rules dictating how we put them together is enough to make any English word easy to spell.

3. Logic of English Foundations is FUN

Foundations is the program that really took me from liking Logic of English, to loving the program. Foundations is written especially for younger kids who are just learning to read, and it’s the first curriculum I have seen to cater to active kids especially.

Multisensory activities for learning to read

Active games, and other creative fun is written right into the curriculum, so kids using it hardly know they are working. Mr. Man calls Foundations his “fun school” and asks to do it every day.

2. Logic of English WORKS

Like I said before, Logic of English is the most time intensive program I have on my shelf. I take almost an hour per day, per child on this program (when I do a complete lesson with phonogram review and work). I am willing to do this, because of everything I teach, Logic of English also gives me the biggest “bang for my buck.”

This program is effective. It does work to teach kids to read. I’ve even used it as a tutor to help other kids improve their reading skills. It takes just a little effort, and before you know it, everything is getting better.

Totally worth it.

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  1. I swear I am not blog-stalking you, but you are reviewing a lot of products that I’ve had my eye on lately!

    I have a 7 year old who is reading at 6th+ grade level but whose spelling is ATROCIOUS (!!!), and a 5yo who is reading at 1st grade level. I would really like to avoid two programs, and am wondering if I could run Essentials, going at the pace of one lesson a week for both of them, doing more in-depth work with the eldest. I am also wondering if all of the elements to the program are essential. It seems like the TM and flashcards are the bulk of the program. What does the student WB add?


    1. Yes, you can totally use Essentials for both of them. I tell people this:
      You HAVE to get at a minimum the TM, and either the App, or the phonogram flash cards.

      It’s really nice to have the workbook, and I would recommend you get it for at least your older child. There is a PDF version, and you can re-print it for all kids, and just print a chapter at a time, if it helps the budget.
      The other things are gravy- in order of priority:
      The game book
      Two sets of game cards

      Spelling cards and grammar cards are nice, but not needed IMO, same for the spelling journal. All of that stuff is really NICE to have, but you can make do without.

      I used Essentials with my (then) 5 year old with great results. It was better when I ran it a second time with him being 7 (I only used part the first time, and the whole enchilada the second time). Its fab! I don’t think you’d regret the purchase, I never have!

      1. Thank you for the feedback! Did it take you 2 years to go through with your 5yo, or did you skip a year and then start again when he was 7? Just wondering about pacing…

        1. Yes- we started when he was barely reading CVC words, and took two years (sort of) by the end he was flying through, and I may have not been totally diligent for the full two years. The second time through, he took one year. I’m considering a third run through next year, with the advanced list (on the website) and a root word study. We’ll see!

      2. p.s. I am watching the teacher training on youtube and it is amazing. I’m going to recommend it to everyone, even those not interested in the program, because it teaches so much about how we learn to read and write.

    2. Ok, a little update: I got Essentials with a wb for oldest, as well as the app. I even got the Doodling Dragons storybook for the 2yo. 🙂 That plus Beast Academy to slow down the oldest… should be set for the new school year! Rainbow Resource loves us… Thanks for the advice and detailed reviews, they are really appreciated.

      1. Perfect! I hope you enjoy the program! Let me know if you need any help, but considering you already found the teacher training videos, you should be all set.
        Also, good call on Beast- another program Bug loves 🙂

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