Halloween STEM Activities

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Halloween is the best — especially if you have kids who are into gross, gooey, nasty, spooky and otherwise disturbing things. This list is FULL of STEM activities sure to please your Zombie loving child this Halloween, and give you all sorts of cool-mom street-cred.

Halloween STEM Activities for Kids:

Plans for Better Tomorrow: Halloween STEM Challenge: Bone Bridge

A STEM challenge activity that will prompt students to build a bridge either for length, strength or capacity.

Bits and Giggles: Spooky Expanding Ghost

A hilarious activity for kids that will teach them chemical reactions.

Little Bins for Little Hands: Spooky Science Halloween Density Experiment

A classic science experiment with a spooky twist that will teach your young scientists about water density.

Teach Beside Me: Milk Jug Skeleton 

Learn anatomy and make a cool Halloween decoration!

The Printable Princess: Halloween for Kindergarten {Simple, Fun, and Free!}

A Halloween-themed game which will get kids working cooperatively while building social skills.

Teach Beside Me: Halloween Spider Jigglers 

Make these spooky spider snacks for Halloween!

No Time for Flashscards: Spider Web Gross Motor Activity – Halloween Game For Kids 

A fun, not-so-spooky Halloween game for kids that will works on their balance and problem solving, and can be adapted for various levels.

Little Bins for Little Hands: Creepy Gelatin Heart Halloween Science

A creepy, gross gelatin heart {or jello heart} makes for even creepier edible science if you choose! Make it for a party or make it for a fun Halloween science activity and let your kids explore the cool chemistry behind the jello or gelatin.

I Can Teach My Child: Hands-on Science: What is blood made of?

A tactile activity about blood and its composition.

Only Passionate Curiosity: Monster Slime

Get creative with your slime! My kids loved playing with this google eye filled monster slime!

Miss Giraffe’s Class: Halloween Eraser & Tally Bones Graphing!

A simple, mess-free math activity for kids.

Left Brain Craft Brain: 5 Messy Ways to Play Brain Surgeon 

You can use them for Halloween or Mad Scientist parties.  Or you can use them to actually learn a bit about the parts of the brain.  Either way, get ready for a lot of messy fun!

Crafty Morning: Easy Q-Tip Handprint Skeleton Craft

A simple art project for kids to learn about hand skeletons. 

Little Bins for Little Hands: Fluffy Zombie Slime

Perfect for kids who love all things zombie or for a cool Halloween slime idea. Slime is science and zombie slime is the coolest slime science out there.

JDaniel4’s Mom: Counting Hands- Math Activity

A hands-on math activity to help teach kids counting tricks. 

Only Passionate Curiosity: Learning about Spiders

Take the creep factor out of spiders by learning more about them this Halloween.

Craftown.com: Paper Cup Spiders and Bats

A cute Halloween craft for kids to make from paper cups.

Go Science Girls: Fluorescent Glowing Slime

Make this easy, non-toxic fluorescent slime (with psyllium husks and B vitamins) in under 15 minutes. Then switch on a black light to see it glow.

The Resourceful Mama: Spider Threading Fine Motor Activity

A creative activity which will strengthen fine motor skills for young ones.

I Heart Crafty Things: Simple Accordion Fold Paper Bat Craft

A super fun crafting activity for the littles this Halloween and used for house decorations.

Teach Beside Me: Shrunken Heads

Brewing up some gross shrunken heads made from apples.

Looking for some not-so-spooky Fall STEM activities? Check this list.


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