Celebrate Arbor Day in Your Homeschool

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Celebrate Arbor Day in Your Homeschool 

Arbor Day is celebrated each year on the last Friday of April. If you’d like some simple ideas to celebrate Arbor Day in your homeschool, try these printable worksheets, links, and YouTube videos! (There’s a link later in this article for you to go to our store to download your own printable worksheet pack. If you’d like to get your for free, just put in 0.00 where you see the “name your price” option!)

celebrate Arbor Day

What’s in this pack? You’ll some facts about Arbor Day, some information about the person who founded Arbor Day, pages to learn about the life cycle of a tree and the parts of a tree, and pages to use if you decide to adopt your own tree, take care of it, and track its progress as it grows. You might even want to plant your own tree as a way to celebrate Arbor Day in your homeschool!

If you have young children (or even older elementary ages who don’t mind watching some fun videos with younger siblings), watch the two YouTube videos below. They’re each about 8 minutes long, and the two videos share very different kinds of information about Arbor Day and trees.

NOTE: These videos are for children, but we still always recommend that you watch the videos first to be sure they are appropriate for your children before you allow them to watch.

In this video, a puppet and two children explain what Arbor Day is and how it got started. It includes lots of fun facts related to Arbor Day.

This video by Socratica Kids is great for younger or older kids. It explains how trees sprout from seeds, how they grow taller, how they get “food,” and more! It’s worth taking a few minutes to watch!

Ready to celebrate Arbor Day in your homeschool? CLICK HERE to go to our store and download your Arbor Day worksheets!

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