Adorable Pinecone Owls

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Adorable Pinecone Owls

These adorable pinecone owls are perfect to make just for fun or to use as fall decorations! Whether you have young children or older kids, they’ll all be able to make these with you. And don’t worry if your younger kiddos aren’t able to make them look perfect! Part of the fun is seeing the unique personality of each pinecone owl you make just like the unique personalities of the people making them!

supplies for making pinecone owls


Pinecones (dry and free of bugs)

Cotton balls (about 5 for each pinecone, depending on the size)

2 (9×12) sheets felt in coordinating colors

2 wiggly eyes (for each pinecone)

Quick dry tacky glue

2 tan chenille stems (for each pinecone)

½ yellow or orange chenille stem (for each pinecone)

Ink pen or marker


step 1 to make pinecone owls

step 2 to make pinecone owls

Tear pieces of cotton from the cotton ball and stuff between the layers of the pinecone. Once the pinecone is completely filled, set aside. (See two photos above.)

step 3 to make pinecone owls

step 4 to make pinecone owls

Cut each tan chenille stem in three equal pieces. With each piece of chenille stem, fold under part of the stem (about ⅓ of the stem) and shape until a talon for the owl’s feet. Repeat the step until all chenille stems are bent. 

Take three of the shaped chenille stems and twist the unbent ends together to create one foot. Repeat with the other three stem pieces. Glue to the bottom of the pinecone. (See two photos above.)

step 5 to make pinecone owls

step 6 to make pinecone owls

Place wiggly eyes on one sheet of felt. Draw around the eyes to create a bulky hourglass shape. Cut from felt. Glue the eyes to the felt. Set aside to dry. (See two photos above.)

step 7 to make pinecone owls

step 8 to make pinecone owls

On the same piece of felt, draw a teardrop shape slightly shorter than the height of the pinecone. Fold the felt in half and cut two teardrop pieces. (See two photos above.)

step 9 to make pinecone owls

Place one of the teardrop pieces on the coordinating piece of felt. Outline a teardrop slightly larger than the existing teardrop. Fold the felt in half and cut two teardrop shapes.

Glue one smaller teardrop piece to each larger teardrop piece. Set aside to dry.

step 10 to make pinecone owls

step 11 to make pinecone owls

With the half yellow or orange chenille stem, create a beak by folding the chenille stem in half. Fold each half in half again and shape into a small triangular beak. (See two photos above.)

finished pinecone owls

Once all pieces are created and dry (if needed), use glue to attach the eyes to the pinecone. Position the beak below the eyes and attach with glue. Then, glue the teardrop wings to each side of the pinecone. Allow to dry completely before playing or displaying.

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