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All About Dandelions- A Life Cycle Unit Study

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We all know the wonder of blowing a dandelion in its seed stage and making a wish, so why not explore how it turns from a plant with a yellow flower to the make-a-wish seed head stage?!!

In this fun unit study, your students will learn all about the life cycle of the dandelion plant through the use of full-color graphics, fill-in-the-blank labeling worksheets, Montessori three-part cards, a nature journal, and more!

16 pages in length, this printable pack allows your students to learn about seed germination, flowering, seed heads, and the different parts of the dandelion. In addition, the included nature journal allows for open-ended learning through observation and documentation. Below are a few sample pages to give you an idea of the unit study! Click the banner below to download your own copy from the OPC store!

Supplemental Learning

Enrich your dandelion unit study with books and videos to help cement the concepts! Below are some of my picks!

Simple and sweet animation video!
Cool time-lapse video!

Enjoy this new printable pack and thank you for supporting Only Passionate Curiosity!

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