All About Dandelions- A Life Cycle Unit Study

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When my children were younger, they loved learning all about dandelions! Dandelions are sometimes considered to be weeds, but they have so many uses! (I’ll mention some of them below.)

And besides, we all know the wonder of blowing a dandelion in its seed stage and making a wish. When my were younger, they loved to find and blow dandelions. Now my niece loves it. 

So why not explore how dandelions turn from yellow flowers to make-a-wish seed head stage? You’ll find out more about how dandelions grow, how you can use them, and more!

What’s included in the All About Dandelions Life Cycle Unit Study?

In this fun 16-page unit study, you will get:

  • the life cycle of the dandelion 
  • dandelion seed germination
  • dandelion flowering and seed heads
  • Montessori three-part cards
  • parts of the dandelion plant
  • a nature journal and more!
The nature journal can be used for all kinds of open-ended learning. Your kids may want to find and keep track of the growth of a dandelion flower. They will find places for drawing dandelions in various stages. They might want to write a story about dandelions or a story that includes dandelions in some way. Or maybe get even more creative and make a dandelion into a character.

To get your All About Dandelions Life Cycle Unit Study, CLICK HERE!

If you’d like to enrich your All About Dandelions unit study with even more resources, books, and ideas, check out some of the links and information below! Not only will your study be more fun, but extra resources will help cement the information in your kids’ minds. Here are some of my top pics. 


This simple, sweet animated video for toddlers and preschoolers shows the life cycle of a dandelion flower. 

This time-lapse video is a real-life dandelion from dandelion flower to seed head. Younger and older kids will enjoy this one!

Ways to Cook and Eat Dandelion Flowers and Greens

Did you know you can eat dandelion greens? You can! But please don’t pick dandelions from the side of the road! The video below gives information about safe dandelion greens and how to cook them.

Under this video, you’ll also find some recipes for other ways to eat dandelions. Even if you don’t actually use the recipes, it’ll still be fun to look at the recipes and videos. 


all about dandelions

Make Honey & Lemon Floral Lollipops! 


all about dandelions

Dandelion Flower Jelly Recipe

all about dandelions

Homemade Dandelion Root Hot Chocolate

To get your All About Dandelions Life Cycle Unit Study, CLICK HERE!

Dandelion Books to Read with Your Kids

all about dandelions

A Seed Is Sleepy

Crafts and Activities Related to Dandelions 

All About Dandelions

No Glue Dandelion Rock Family 

Dandelions Paper Craft for Kids


Finger Print Dandelion Wall Art 

I hope you enjoy this printable pack! And thank you for supporting Only Passionate Curiosity!
To get your All About Dandelions Life Cycle Unit Study, CLICK HERE!

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