6 Superpowers that would make Homeschooling easier

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Why is it that the Marvel superheroes get to have all the fun? Point me towards the nearest radioactive spider, because I have a superpower wishlist of my own.

Heat vision, to create a never-ending supply of sharpened pencils.

I am pretty sure my children use broken pencils as a diversion. This is probably my fault because the good pencil sharpener broke, and now all my kids have to work with is my eyeliner sharpener (which also appears to be lost more often than it should be). They are constantly getting up from the table and wandering off to find a new pencil which makes the school day last longer than it should.

Sure, I could buy a new sharpener, or a bigger pile of pencils, but it would be so much cooler to be able to stare down the dull point at the end of the pencil in their hand, and sharpen it with the heat ray coming from my eyes.

The ability to freeze people, so there are more bathroom breaks in the middle of the math lesson.

Another diversion tactic that my kids need to give up on. No, you don’t need to pee four times in the twenty minutes it takes to review your math facts. If you did need to pee four times, we should probably just get in the car and go right to the doctor because there is something wrong with you.

It would be rad to be able to flip on my people-freezing powers, so the kids would sit and listen to whatever instructions I had for them. This would be useful not only during lessons, but also in the car, in waiting rooms, and just about any time I need to talk to the kids without them squirming.

Telekinesis. So the kitchen can be cleaned while sitting with the kids.

I actually really like cleaning the kitchen, but while I am off cleaning the kitchen, the little kids inevitably get themselves into trouble. If they are working on school work, they get off task. If they are playing with toys, they want to play with different toys. If my little one is doing art… he begins doing art on surfaces not intended for art.

It would be amazing if I could get the chores done without having to take my eye off of anyone or anything. Let me sit and paint with the kids while also unloading the dishwasher, thanks.

X-ray vision.

If you have teenagers, this one doesn’t have to be explained. My oldest is amazingly talented at having a game open in one tab of his computer while running his math lesson in the other tab. My middle child likes to put Pokemon cards in his books and look at them instead of reading.

So many applications for x-ray vision.

Telepathy. So we can figure out just what part of what we said you didn’t understand.

Sometimes when we are working on something, one of my children will become exasperated and say something along the lines of “I just don’t get it!” When this happens, I would love to be able to tap into their minds and see where we are getting stuck so I could help them get un-stuck.

The ability to freeze time.

As challenging as homeschooling the kids can be from time to time, this time of my life is so much fun. I love waking up and spending each day with the kids. I love their happy voices and their snuggles and the time we spend playing together.

Our homeschool journey is passing so quickly. High School is almost here, and I am not ready for any of the kids to grow up quite yet. If I could freeze time and keep them this size for just a little while longer, I would.

What kind of superpower would you have it you could choose one?

Since I can’t gift you all with a superpower for Mother’s Day, I’d like to do something else to make you feel extra special and appreciated.

I’ve gotten together with 25 other bloggers with the hope of doing just that for some moms this Mother’s Day.  We hope to bless three moms this year (although we wish we could bless many more) with a mini spending spree to one of their favorite places.  There will be THREE winners in this Mother’s Day giveaway – each winner getting to choose a gift card to the place of their choice.  The choices are –
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Giveaway ends May 10th at 11:59pm EDT.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond to email to claim prize.  By entering this giveaway you will be added to the email lists of some of the participating bloggers (see the Terms & Conditions on the Rafflecopter form for the complete list).

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  1. I would also love to have the ability of telekinesis. That would make life so much easier!
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this give away!

  2. Thank you very much for the opportunity and for everyone participating in this amazing, thoughtful giveaway. Appreciate the opportunity as well. This will bless some mommies big time! God bless the givers and winners both. Again, thank you!!

  3. It’s so great of you and so many others to think of how you can help this way. It takes a really special person, you know? Not everyone would, because all they do is think of themselves.
    I know how much even $100 would help with things I’ve been having to deal with since the death of my husband. It just seems like I take care of one thing and two things pop up we have to deal with! I’m getting so tired of things popping up too. I mean, just about when I start to think things might be starting to look up, something else happens. I’m sure there are quite a few people out there are having to deal with things like I am at this point in my life. So, I’m sure quite a few people would be happy to win your give away.

  4. What a special and wonderful giveaway for Moms! And, I really enjoy the superpowers…all that we wish had.

  5. My husband and daughter believe I have the superpower of “finding things they cannot see” which to me seem to be fairly obvious. My sister-in-law thinks I have a super memory, which I suppose I did at one time but the recent years since my parents’ passing seem to have blunted that ability. I have always thought it would be cool to be able to fly. I suppose flying would impress children, but I doubt it would improve my parenting skills. It could come in handy to fly a clothes line for a rapid-dry without running the expensive dryer, I suppose.

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