World Traditions: Befana in Italy

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I hadn’t heard of Befana until I sat down to research winter holidays for this printable series, but this may be my favorite legend yet. Befana was a sweet old woman who lived in Italy. After the Christ Child was born, the Wise Men knocked on her door, hoping she could give them directions to him. They asked her to come with them, but she declined because there was so much work to be done at home. She quickly realized her mistake, but by then, it was too late to find the Wise Men and she didn’t know how to get to the manager either. She knocked on every door in Italy, bringing gifts, hoping that one of the homes would hold the Christ Child.

Enjoy this story with your children by using our printable pack. It includes atlas work for Italy, a special mapping activity to show Befana the way, fun with the Italian language, reading and reflection questions. This pack is ideal for children in the 3rd-6th grades, but younger students may enjoy working on it with their older siblings or with the help of a parent.


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