Invent A Dinosaur

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We’re getting closer to the end of our Dinosaur Unit Study! We’ve had so much fun this month with Mother Goose Time and learning about dinosaurs. Today, I have a new activity to share with you to bring art and creative writing into your dinosaur study.

invent a dino

Invent a Dinosaur

Mother Goose Time included a wonderful activity that had the kids designing their very own dinosaur with collage or simply by drawing it, and then writing a small amount about the dinosaur. The prompt included things like “my name is…” and “I like to eat…”

Dinosaur Mix Up Book Free Printable

I took this project a little further by creating a simple flip book for the kids to design their dinosaurs. This dinosaur mix-up book is perfect for elementary age children. All they need to do is draw on the panels, lining up the neck and tail with the marked spots on the grid, so when they are finished, they can stack their drawings, and then see what kind of mixed-up creations they made.


After the kids made their mix-up book, I had the younger two do the Mother Goose Time writing assignment, and I had Bug work on a short creative story about his dinosaur.

Dinosaur Unit Study Mr Man

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