CompuScholar: Computer Programming for Kids

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Today’s review is for CompuScholar, a web-based curriculum to teach computer skills and computer programming. Bug, my oldest, has been using the program for about six weeks, and so far, we are loving it.

How it Works

First, let me tell you that this program is completely independent. Since the first day, when I registered him for this class, I have not had to do anything to help. I know that as kids get older, they work more and more on their own, but oftentimes, he has questions or needs help to clarify something he has learned. Not with this program.

Which brings me to point two – this program is step-by-step and easy to follow. I think the reason it works so well as an independent program is because the video lessons break things down so well, and it moves progressively through the skills.

Each lesson contains a video to watch, which goes through the skills slowly and has the student add to the code line by line. Bug keeps the notepad open while the video runs, and works alongside the video, pausing as needed. After the video, there is a reading review, interactive work, and quizzes. The program is self-grading (if you’re into grades).

If Bug were to get stuck, CompuScholar offers hands-on tech support, so someone from their staff could help him even if I could not. He’s currently taking the Web Design course, which I feel pretty comfortable with, but any of the other courses would be over my head, and I would need that help!

Web Design covers fundamental web design skills such as:

  • Basic website layout
  • HTML5 symbols and elements
  • Text styles
  • Hyperlinks and navigation bars
  • CSS effects, spacing, and positioning
  • Graphics and image editing
  • Tables
  • Page design principles
  • Dynamic menus
  • Embedded audio and video
  • JavaScript and jQuery

Bug chose this course because he’s watched me build this website over the years, and knows just how important OPC has been to our family. He’d like to start his own business and plans on building his website as soon as he is finished with this class. I’ve loved watching how diligent he has been with his lessons, and it’s fun to see him so excited about his schoolwork.

Bug’s Review:

“This class is fun. I like that I am able to have my code open on the screen, and the video goes over exactly what I am supposed to do. It’s easy for me to follow along. I am learning really fast, and I am making my own website! It’s cool.”

So, there you have it. 

CompuScholar is a computer programming class that my 12-year-old has declared to be “cool.”

I know how important computer science skills are in today’s world, and I plan on having him work through the full CompuScholar catalog over the next couple of years. They offer classes for computer usage, web design, video game programming, C++, android app programming, and even offer AP Computer Science for high school kids.

If you are looking for computer science classes for your kids in middle or high school, and want them to start programming, make sure you check out CompuScholar. 


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