Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World Booklet

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I always considered Thanksgiving to be a strictly American holiday, but – as it turns out- many other countries and  recognize a version of Thanksgiving, too! Several cultures have their own festivals in honor of harvest season (some of them are much older than the American tradition of Thanksgiving). Additionally, other parts of the world have adapted the American version of the holiday and have made it their own over the years. Today, we’re bringing you this Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World Printable Booklet that you can use to learn about Thanksgiving related history and traditions with your family!

As you get ready for your own Thanksgiving celebration over the next week, it could be fun to spend a little time each day learning about some of these Thanksgiving traditions around the world with your kids. Here are a few additional ways you may want to enjoy this printable:

  • Compare/Contrast: As you read about each of these Thanksgiving traditions, talk about how they are the same/different from the way we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the USA!  You could compare and contrast the traditions in this booklet simply in conversation, or you could use a Venn diagram to create visual aids. Bonus: This may even go along with a discussion of how your family, in particular, celebrates this gratitude-oriented holiday. What are things that your family does to make your celebration unique?
  • Question/Research: Which of these cultures had their own version of Thanksgiving, and which ones are somehow related to the American holiday? What do your kids know about harvest-time(and what can they find out about it?) What is the connection between harvest and thankfulness? These types of questions could be used as a essay prompt, or just a research topic for discussion!
  • Get Inspired: Have your child pick a tradition or two from this printable booklet to recreate in some creative way as part of your Thanksgiving preparations!
  • Find New Things to Learn: Did your child discover a culture in this booklet that he or she would be interested to learn more about? This might be a jumping off point for learning more about another country!

We hope you enjoy this printable booklet and have fun learning more about other cultures with your family! You can download the printable booklet by clicking the link below. Happy Thanksgiving!

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