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The flight to Germany was rough! The kids fell asleep really early on the plane, so I decided it would be a bright idea to take a unisom to help myself sleep. It worked well, really, really well. Only, the kids didn’t stay asleep, so Hubby had to keep all the munchkins in line while I drooled on all of them. I couldn’t keep my head up for anything.

Once we got off the plane and out of the airport, Hubby’s sponsor met us to help us get to base. I am SO glad we had the extra help because we had two carts full of JUNK, plus the three kids (who were all tired and cranky and difficult at this point).

Germany is COLD. Really cold. The boys were thrilled that they could see their breath. It was foggy, so much that I couldn’t really tell what it looked like while we were driving. And the people are really, really nice (we had people helping us left and right at the airport). I think we’ll like it here once we stop feeling like death warmed over.

We are staying in a hotel on base, and its pretty awesome, there are plenty of places to stick our many bags, we have a stove top, microwave, fridge and freezer. The boys are on a pull out couch and the parents have a separate room. Its more space then we have had to ourselves in months, so I am really happy and not in a rush to get anywhere (although I think talking to housing is on the plan for tomorrow).

The worst part is the wasn’t anything to eat or drink here and the one vending machine wasn’t working- BUT, our sponsors awesome wife showed up with snacks and juice boxes to get us by, and someone is going to show us how to get to the commissary this evening.

That’s it for now…. I have pictures of the trip to get up once I figure out where I stuck the camera.

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