Making new friends!

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The whole family was up this morning at 3 am, thanks to jet lag and time changes, but that didn’t prevent us from having an awesome day. I sent out a couple emails this morning to people I have made contact with the last couple months letting them know we are in country. The kids and I were so excited to get an email back with a playdate invite!

We met a family with three kids all about the same age as my three at the bowling ally on base for lunch. They had a fantastic play room with mats on the floor and a bouncy house. Bug and Mr. Man went crazy jumping and laughing with their new friends. When we got home, Bug told me that he had a “new best friend in Germany! …. even if he only likes Batman a little”.

Seeing other kids was a huge priority on our list of things that needs to happen sooner rather than later. Mr. Man has been so homesick for his friends and family back “home”. After we played he was much more cheerful, and didn’t cry at all this afternoon for “home”.

Bug was a trooper today, even being as tired as he was he asked to do his schoolwork, and when I tried to get him to just relax instead he got out his newest book and began reading it out loud by himself. We have been working hard all month on reading, and this is the first time he has really sat down to read to himself. I am SO proud of him.

We also explored the hotel area of base, and learned we can walk to the commissary and PX fairly easily from where we are staying. IF we can handle the cold, that is.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with the homeschooling group, exploring main base to try to find the library, and getting the kids signed up with the youth services so we can get them into sports and classes on base.

At the Hotel

I got this before he realized I was watching him…. my Big Boy!

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