W is for Waffles

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We drove up to Belgium and the Netherlands this week on a hunt for the best Belgium waffles. My favorite were from Maastrict, in the Netherlands! This town is just beautiful and everything you would expect an European town to be.

And- My Waffle!

But most moms won’t have the chance to drive around Europe hunting waffles (unless you are in the military like us). So I wanted to share what the next best thing is… having an amazing waffle iron at home.

This one is my favorite because:

Double Waffle Maker
  • It creates two yummy deep-pocket 1-inch Belgian waffles at the same time.
  • It has 6 different settings for levels of browning… because some of us don’t like our waffles too brown 🙂
  • Seriously, who would get a waffle iron that is nonstick? This not only makes is super easy to clean, but it allows for quick food release (again so they don’t get too brown).
  • 2 different LED Ready indicator lights to tell us when each waffle is done – again… because we don’t want waffles that are too brown.

Are you seeing a common theme here? LOL! I may be a waffle snob and didn’t even realize it until now!

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