You mean President Obama isn’t imaginary?????

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Today we took the kids to DC to see the museums and monuments. We started the day at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to check out some animals and learn about habitats. I am planning on starting moving beyond the page with the kids as soon as we get settled into our new home, and I thought it would be the perfect introduction to the first unit, “Environment”.

The boys really enjoyed it, especially the great big dinosaurs, and the mammoth!

However, the biggest learning moment of the day had nothing to do with habitats.

Bug had an epiphany at the white house!

We were standing there talking about how the white house was where the president lived, and the conversation went just like this:

Bug: “Wait! You mean President Obama is REAL? That’s so COOL!”

Me  “Well, of course he is real, he’s the president.”

Bug: “I thought President Obama was imaginary. He’s on TV.”

Me: “They show him on TV because he is important. He’s real and he lives here”

Bug: *pause* “so, does Batman live here too?”

Me: *smacks forehead*

I hope he was just being goofy. But if not, I would call today a success. Knowing the president isn’t imaginary is probably an important lesson for a five-year old.

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