Printable Road Trip Activities for Kids

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Are you getting ready to hit the road for a fun family road trip this spring or summer? One of the best things about homeschooling is the flexibility to travel and learn through experiencing new places! If you love to get the car and go see new things with your kids, you are going to be excited about today’s printable. This Road Trip Activities Set for Kids is perfect for getting your kids fully involved in the travel experience. This printable contains 10 pages of road trip activities that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Road Trip Printable Set

What’s Included?

It’s easy for kids to “plug in and zone out” while traveling (and sometimes that’s okay!). However, we also want them to be mindful of the fact that road trips are adventures! We want them to enjoy the journey and see the different parts of the city, county, state, or country as we travel to our destination. This printable includes activities that will help your kids be more aware of the traveling experience–not just the destination. These activities will help them learn along the way and make some fun memories, too. Here’s what is included:

  • Road Trip Bingo (with 4 different cards)

This printable includes a road trip themed bingo game that can be used for 4 players! Have fun seeing who spots these common road trip sights (and yells “Bingo!”) first.

  • Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

You can see some fascinating things out of a car window. This printable includes a list of interesting sights to spot on your trip. (Once you download the printable, you can print/use as many copies as you need for multiple passengers.)

  • Road Signs Scavenger Hunt

Do your kids know what the various common road signs mean? The Road Signs Scavenger Hunt that is included in this printable is a great way to practice spotting them and to make an opportunity to talk about what each one signifies!

  • U.S.A. Map/License Plate Game

This Road Trip Activities printable also includes a map of the U.S.A with state abbreviations, which is great for playing the license plate game and becoming more familiar with our nation’s geography/states!

  • Travel Checklist

Do you kids pack for themselves on trips? Help them do it well with the travel checklist that’s included in this printable. (Bonus: one less thing for you to do!)

  • Travel Journaling Page

The travel page included in this printable is a great way for your kids to document their personal travel experiences and have something to remember the trip by! You can print multiple copies of this for lengthy trips!

  • Road Trip Alphabet I-Spy

Practice finding and documenting interesting roadside sights from A-Z !

Click the link below to grab your Road Trip Activity Set for your next travel adventure!

Click Here to Grab Your Printable Road Trip Activity Set!

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