The Nature Connection- September Science in Review

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Our first full month of using The Nature Connection as a “spine” for science was a huge hit. And not just for the kids- I have enjoyed spending more time outside. I didn’t realize how little I actually open my eyes to the beautiful, amazing things in this world. Deciding to take the time to be aware of nature has been a blast for us.

Two things we learned this month:

The birds we saw in Switzerland had many different kinds of beaks. We came home, and learned all about why some birds have big, long beaks, and some have wide flat beaks, and some have little tiny beaks. We’ve started watching the birds in our neighborhood to see what kind of beaks they have. The kids love being nature detectives, and following the clues to learn more about the birds.

Birds in Lucerne

We also paid close attention to the kinds of fruit and nuts growing on the trees this fall. We learned some about the life cycles of trees, and went apple picking, conker hunting, and on a fruit and nut hunt in the “forest” near our home.

In October, we’ll continue studying the two trees we “adopted” and learn about the clouds and the water cycle!

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