What’s New? Logic of English Essentials Second Edition Review and Giveaway!

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The Logic of English has released their second edition of Essentials!

Now, normally, I don’t get super excited over second editions. Normally, second editions are just a small revamp of the original. Normally they just fix a rogue comma or misspelling here and there, maybe they add in an additional chapter. Not LOE. Nope, Essentials second edition is practically a whole new beast. If you are curious as to what the first edition is like (and you may be, the first edition is on clearance while supplies last) you can read my review of it . . . and then you’ll know just how much this has changed.

Logic of English in a Nutshell

Logic of English is a language arts program that is heavily phonics based. The gist is that once your child understands the nuts and bolts of the English language, they’ll have a much easier time working with it. When I was tutoring kids with this program, we called this program our “secret code” – once the kids got the code down, their reading, vocabulary and spelling skills improved exponentially.

Kids first learn phonograms, and then layer in spelling rules, grammar concepts and latin & greek morphemes (and other foreign roots). This one program covers reading & phonics, spelling, grammar & mechanics and vocabulary.


What’s New?

The second edition of Essentials contains three levels of instruction, in one book. This means this program can be used to teach all of your children in the 1st-7th grade age range. You can teach all of the kids at exactly the same time. The first level, Level A, is approximately the same level as the original edition of Essentials. B and C both are more challenging.

In our house, I am teaching level A (approximately grades 1-3 depending on the student) and level C (grades 5-7ish) at the same time. We all sit around the dining table, and I teach the main parts of the lesson to all of the kids at the same time. When it comes time for differentiated activities, I may have one child start a worksheet page, or practice their phonograms on the App, while I work with the other. During spelling lists, I will dictate one word to the first child, then to the second while the first writes. Easy peasy.

The new edition also includes morphemes for the third level (Level C). Children at this level will learn roots and phonograms borrowed from other languages right from the first lesson, and apply those roots to both their spelling words and vocabulary.


On a more superficial level, the new edition is better laid out, is more colorful, and is easier to use. The paper is thicker and of a better quality. Instead of the large weekly lessons, the program has now been broken down into smaller, daily lessons. You no longer need to set the pace on your own, which makes it even more open-and-go. This edition also includes placement tests, pre-lessons to get kids up to speed with the basics, and a clear integration of the Spelling Journal.

This program is intended to be repeated three times (each child can complete levels A, B and C), so you can dig deeper and deeper over the years, with all of your children.

What is the same?

The foundation of the program is still the same solid phonics-based program. It is still a teacher-led program. It still incorporates dictation, plenty of practice, and of course, games. LOE is a program that we all do together as a family, and it’s the one teacher intensive program that is still hanging out on my shelf, even when my time has become more scarce.


Straight Talk

This is an intense program. These books are thick and are packed full of information. Teaching essentials takes 30-60 minutes each day, depending. LOE requires plenty of practice- your kids can drill the rules, phonograms and morphemes with each other, with the flashcards, and with the app. You may feel overwhelmed when the curriculum first arrives. Take a deep breath, and chill- I promise it contains a ton of teacher training (and, there is a video-based teacher training available FREE on YouTube).

This is an expensive program . . . at first glance. Remember that this one program is THREE LEVELS of curriculum. If you have six kids, you can use this program again, and again, and again with all the kids. For me, the cost breakdown is worth it. Many other spelling programs are going to have you buying a new level each year. Not Logic of English. This is a one-stop shop. If you purchase the PDF version of the workbook, you’ll just have to pay to print it each year (this is a massive workbook though- it’s probably more cost-effective to just buy the workbook). If you already own the first edition of Essentials, all you need is the upgrade kit.

The second edition is split into two volumes. It includes 10 pre-lessons, and 15 regular lessons. These are big, beefy lessons, and at the pace we are working, I anticipate they will take my family almost a complete year to do. For a dedicated family, who is willing to work about an hour today, it will likely take you a semester to complete.

I have the first edition on my shelf, and yes, I would still pay out of pocket to buy the new edition. I’m a fan girl though, and it IS that much better to have the two advanced levels and the morpheme instruction. I doubt you will regret the upgrade if you have a. a boatload of kids, or b. a kid who needs their reading and spelling skills to take off.


Is your child too young for Essentials? Teach them to read with Logic of English Foundations.

Things to look forward to:

The Essentials Reader, which is out as a PDF now, and in print soon, which will include lovely leveled stories and articles for each lesson, as well as a workbook and supplementary teachers manual for emergent readers (my Level A kid will be getting this- stand by for a review).

Volume 2 will be released in early 2017.



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  1. My 8 year old daughter has a print-based disability, so we work very hard on reading, I think she would benefit greatly from this.

  2. I have three special needs kiddos ages 11, 9, and 7. I would love something I could use for all of them together!

  3. This is the program I’ve recently decided on for my munchkin! I’ve really been looking forward to it.

  4. My children are 6 and 8. We would love to win. The review is amazing. Sounds like this resource will help us parents provide our children with a solid foundation and possibly a refresher for ourselves. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Do you laminate all of your cards? You have them all on rings? I was putting my new cards in a box with my original Basic Phonograms and was intrigued to note how worn they look in comparison. I’m just not sure if the lamination would be financially friendly.

  6. My students are 9 and 5! Thank you for a great review!

    I have a question…level 2 is coming out early 2017. Which grades will that cover? Thanks!

  7. THanks for the review. This would be amazing to win. I bought the first addition based on several recommendations including here and was greatly disappointment & felt like we wasted money. But the new addition seems to be more of what I was looking for. So hope I win. We can’t afford to buy the new addition.

  8. Mine are 6 and 4, with a 2yo and baby on the way.

    I do have a question. You said this curriculum is leveled A, B, and C with each level indicating a grade/ability range. So if I use level A for 1st grade, would in then move on to level B for 2nd? Would you just do level A again the next few years until your child is the right grade level for B? Or perhaps there are multiple spelling lists, etc for.each grade within a level?

    Thank you!

    1. You’d move up to level B if they are ready. In my house, I’ve found it beneficial to repeat- each lesson contains the same core spelling rules and grammar rules. This one book covers EVERYTHING. So I may teach A this year to Doodle, and then next year, I can move up to B, or do A again, or pick and choose words from both lists. Spelling each word may come easier, but the lessons aren’t so much about spelling the words as they are about learning the rules. The kids aren’t memorizing spelling words, they are practicing words after memorizing words.

      A, B and C each have one list- but it won’t hold you back from repeating when needed, and moving ahead when needed.

  9. I am so excited about this new LOE! Ive used the first edition and it helped my kids so much! They are 12, 11, 9, and 7. Id love to use this new set!!!

  10. My homeschooling girls are 5 and 2. We’ve been using Foundations for awhile, and this would be perfect timing for us to step to the next level! 🙂 (I’m a total LOE fangirl, too!) 😉

  11. My students are k and 1 and we love logic of English. We have been using foundations but plan on using essentials.

  12. I have been looking at this curriculum for a while but the prices definitely a deterrent. Maybe I will get the chance to try it out! 🙂

  13. My kids are 3.5 and 5.5 years old. I’m scrambling through my first year of homeschooling and your blog has been a great help. Thank you!

  14. My kids are 6, 4 and 2 this would be great to use for my daughter for next year! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  15. My kiddos are 6, 5, 3, and 2. The oldest already has a language arts program we love, but this could be great for my 5yo!

  16. My 16yo daughter has severe learning disabilities and I’m hoping this program will be the one to “click” with her. It looks different than anything I’ve tried before, and I like that it’s not too babyish in its appearance. She is sensitive to “baby books” and gets upset that her reading level only furnishes books well below her interests.

    1. This isn’t babyish at all! When I first discovered it, I went through it as an adult, because my own spelling skills were lacking. It’s a program anyone can use. The reader is also going to be a great tool (they have it in PDF now, and it will be out in print soon) for students who like serious (but still fun and interesting!) materials. You should check out the sample for sure.
      Good Luck!

  17. With a preschooler and a new toddler and a child in middle school, I can use all the help that I can get. Being new to homeschooling, I am very nervous about teaching my child to read and write. This sounds like a great program! Thanks for sharing!


  19. My students are 10 year old twins.
    Occasionally we toss in my 9 year old nephew & my 6 year old niece, and various and sundry other friends who happen by.

  20. I have LOE (the first edition) and LOVE IT. Using it for my struggling 10 year old, who I’ve begun homeschooling this year. I was already drooling over the second edition! I have 3 kids – ages 10, 8, and 7. The younger two are in public school (for now) but the youngest is pretty interested in homeschooling like her sister.

  21. My students are fourth, ninth, and twelfth grade. I’d love to do LOE with my fourth grader b/c she needs extra spelling and reading practice.

  22. This is great!! My children are 8, 11, 13, and 15! Would love to this, I have heard so many great things about it.

  23. I have six boys-5th,4th,3rd,1st, preK and 2 years old. We love LOE, especially Foundations. This would be a huge blessing!

  24. My six year old is working through LOE Foundations C and D right now. We are planning to use essentials starting next year and can’t wait!

  25. Awesome ! My girls are 10 and 12 and we’d LOVE to add this to our homeschool curriculum in the New Year. Thank you for the opportunity. Happy New Year !

  26. Well, 3 of my 4 students have graduated! BUT — I have a granddaughter and a step-grandson, so I think this may come in handy for them!!

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