All About Corn: Life Cycle Unit Study

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Does your family love corn? My family sure does! Our personal favorite ways to enjoy corn are popcorn and sweet corn (corn on the cob), but we also enjoy cornbread, corn tortillas, and corn muffins now and then. We love to see beautiful corn plants growing in gardens in our area too! But we never really stopped to learn much about corn plants and how they grow.

If you’re like us, then this week’s unit study about the life cycle of a corn plant is for you! Our All About Corn printable pack is a 16-page unit study to help you and your children learn all about corn plants in a fun and memorable way. 


What’s Included:

This fun, activity-packed printable includes 16 pages of interactive activities to dive deeper into the life cycle of corn. It includes: full-color graphics, charts and labeling worksheets, Montessori three-part cards, and a nature journal with cover/lined pages. The activities included are all hands-on and involve lots of opportunities for engaging kids through discussion, visual aids, and kinesthetic activities.

Grab your All About Corn Printable Pack here!

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