No longer a “new homeschooler”

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Bug’s first day of public school kindergarten…. How far we have come!

As of this month, I have had this blog for a year. More importantly, a year has passed since I took Bug out of public school, and began homeschooling.

This year has been a whirlwind for me, not just because of our huge move overseas, but because of the big changes that happened within my family.

A year ago, when talking about the decision to homeschool, I closed my blog post with this:

“I know it will be hard. I also know that it will be worth it.”

Our first year homeschooling WAS hard. I spent many sleepless nights obsessing over curriculum, teaching styles, educational philosophies, and message boards. I have spent hours writing lesson plans to go with books, only to scrap those plans and start with something else. I have bought curriculum only to discover it wasn’t a good fit for my son, and bought new curriculum only to learn he has jumped ahead by ability. I’ve  cried to my husband about how tired I am, and how worried I am that I am not cutting it, and cried some more when I’ve seen the amazing progress my child has made.

Homeschooling IS hard.

It HAS been worth it.

This year, I spent more time with my children, actually WITH them, present in the moment then I ever have before in their lives. Our relationships have become exponentially stronger, and I feel like I know my kids better than I did a year ago. I enjoy spending time with them; I enjoy learning with them, and watching their eyes light up when something “clicks”.

I’ve also seen some unexpected changes. I feel more confident after a year of homeschooling. I feel like I have found my footing in this big scary world that is “being a parent”. I know who I am, and I know what I want to teach my kids. I’ve found a place in our local homeschool community, and I’ve found myself. I’ve become the kind of Mother I wanted to be, and the kind of Mother my kids deserve.

Sure, some days I do still worry about whether or not my kids are growing and learning at the same rate as their public school peers, and I worry if they would be happier at home or in a classroom. But I have found the confidence to not let those worries get under my skin. My kids ARE learning, and my kids ARE happy.

I AM good enough, smart enough, patient enough, to homeschool my children. I am my child’s best teacher. It feels good to say that, and to really believe it.

The decision to homeschool was not an easy one to make, but I am so glad we choose to make this our life.

Thanks for sticking with me this year!

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  1. That’s a good place to be. Realizing “you” are good enough and have what it takes to teach your kids what they need to know. It is challenging navagating the homeschool waters. Good for you!

  2. Great post! We are two months into our first year, and I totally agree with the idea of being present and engaged meaningfully with the kids as a benefit of HSing!

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