Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Craft

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Happy Thanksgiving month! If you’re like me, you’ve been eagerly awaiting a holiday season full of good food and great memories! When you’re spending time with family that you don’t see often, it can be really fun to have a craft or activity to do together. You’ll enjoy having something to talk about, and when you’re done completing this Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Craft you’ll have something to remember your time together by!

Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Craft

Today’s Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Craft would be perfect to make with members of your family while you snack on some appetizers and drink some hot cider! This craft comes with a free template, which makes it simple enough that even young members of the family can participate!

What You’ll Need:

1. Colored craft papers

2. Cardstock paper

3. Pencil

4. Scissors

5. Craft glue

6. Googly eyes

7. The free printable template for this craft (located at the end of this tutorial)

How to Make It:

First, choose some pieces of construction paper in your favorite fall colors for the turkey’s tail feathers. Use our free, printable template to trace the tail feather pattern several times, and then cut the patterns out. It will look something like this.

Next, take each cut-out, position it length-wise and fold,  accordion-style.

Next, take one of the folded cut-outs, lengthwise, pinch it in the middle, and fold it in half. Place a little glue to attach the sides to each other. This should make a beautiful feather shape, as shown below.

Go ahead and repeat this process with all of the feathers.

Now that you’ve got your turkey’s tail feathers, it’s time to work on his body.  Cut out the patterns for the turkey’s body from the template and trace them onto some thick, brown cardstock. You can use colored craft paper to trace and cut out his other features (beak, wattle, and legs). Cut all of the pieces out.

Next, glue on the googly eyes, the beak, and the wattle.

Trace and cut out the tail base from a cardstock paper. This piece will help all of the tail feathers fan out nicely and stay arranged the way you want them.

Apply craft glue around the edge of the tail base piece. Then arrange and attach the feathers to this piece to make a beautiful pattern.

For the final step, simply glue the tail feather base onto the body!

Isn’t he cute? You could even use your turkeys to decorate the Thanksgiving table! Don’t forget to grab your free printable template (just click the link below!)

Click here for your free printable template for this Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Craft! 

Do you enjoy doing crafts with family around Thanksgiving? Let us know if you try this one out!

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