Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

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The Christmas season is here! I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about the Christmas season is putting up my Christmas tree. When the time changes and it gets dark SO early, the thing that saves my sanity is turning on my Christmas lights once it gets dark at night (well…once it gets dark each afternoon!).

And one of the things I enjoy the most (besides looking at the beautiful Christmas lights) is looking at the ornaments my kids have made over the years. These felt Christmas tree ornaments are perfect for adding to your tree or to gifts you’re giving this holiday season.

felt Christmas tree ornament

If you have young children and don’t want to do a sewing project with them, use some fabric glue or hot glue instead. Or try a large plastic needle that’s safer for little hands. We homeschool moms are famous for taking ideas and making them work for us and for our children!

Sewing is a practical skill that all kids need to learn! It’s great for motor development, and it will almost certainly be needed many times over the years.

If you have young children (about age 6 or older), try using a basic running stitch to sew these ornaments. They won’t look exactly like our pictures, but that doesn’t matter! If you have older children or teens who can handle a bit more of a challenge, try the overstitch or the blanket stitch instead. (The videos below will demonstrate how to do these stitches.)

If you have toddlers who need to stay busy while the older children work on this craft, give them some felt Christmas tree cut-outs to play with while the older kids sew. Or you could give them felt Christmas decorations or some felt letters and numbers to play with on a felt board. That way your little ones can do something fun and educational while you work with your older ones!

You don’t need a lot of supplies for this craft. You’ll probably need to buy some felt, but you probably have everything else you need!

Felt Christmas Tree Materials Needed:

  1. felt fabric
  2. ribbon
  3. needle
  4. thread or embroidery floss
  5. pencil
  6. kid-friendly scissors
  7. ornament templates

felt Christmas tree supplies

How to Make the Felt Christmas Tree:

  1. First, you’ll need to cut out the shapes (pictured below) from felt. We have created a felt Christmas Tree pattern for you to use. You can download the templates by clicking here. Select green and brown colored felt fabric (or any color felt fabric you would like!). Trace the square shape on brown felt and the tree patterns on green fabric. Carefully cut out the traced patterns.

felt Christmas tree step 1

2. You can use a pencil or a marker to draw a simple snowflake pattern on your tree cutout. Prepare needle with white thread to embroider the snowflake pattern on the felt tree cutout.

felt Christmas tree step 2

3. Start the embroidery work from the center of the snowflake pattern.

felt Christmas tree step 3

4. Work your way outwards after creating the center of the snowflake. One by one embroider the arms of the snowflake.

felt Christmas tree step 4

5. To give the pattern a little more festive look, add white seed beads around the embroidered snowflake pattern. Simply stitch the beads around the snowflake using matching thread. Take the other piece of tree pattern and place the square cutout (log) on the bottom side of the pattern by slightly overlapping both cutouts.

felt Christmas tree step 5

6. Place the embroidered tree pattern on the top of the plain one. Prepare the needle with green thread and start to stitch around the side of the tree patterns to join them together. Start to stitch from the bottom side, attaching the log first.

felt Christmas tree step 6

7. After stitching the log, move toward any one side. This example shows the flat blanket stitch, but you can also work with a running stitch.

felt Christmas tree step 7

8. Leave a small opening to stuff your tree. You can use cotton or scrap felt as your stuffing.

felt Christmas tree step 8

9. Once the stuffing is done, close the opening to secure the stuffing. Tie 2 knots and cut off any extra thread.

felt Christmas tree step 9

10. Create a loop with a small piece of ribbon and attach it to the backside of the felt tree to complete the ornament craft.

felt Christmas tree step 10

And now you’re ready to hang your lovely felt Christmas tree ornament on your Christmas tree or to attach it to a gift you’re giving to someone you love!

Or you might want to do something different like make a super huge version of this stuffed felt Christmas tree to use as a pillow, to place under your tree, or even to give as a fun gift! Use your imagination, have fun with your kiddos, and enjoy the Christmas season together.

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