All About Pumpkins: Life Cycle Unit Study

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It’s officially fall! Even though the weather doesn’t get much cooler in my part of the country for quite a while yet, I still love it when fall arrives! I love to see the colorful leaves and dream about cooler weather. I love drinking my pumpkin spice latte. I love decorating my fall tree and putting out my fall decorations. And I love sharing fun (and super cute) printables and ideas like this one! Take a look at our All About Pumpkins Life Cycle Unit Study and download it now while it’s free!

This All About Pumpkins Life Cycle Unit Study includes 16 pages of worksheets! You’ll find pumpkin life cycle worksheets and a labeling activity in which your children will learn to label the parts of the pumpkin. We’ve also included Montessori three-part cards and a nature journal (with cover and blank pages for open-ended learning).

It’s perfect for students from 1st – 6th grades!

Why We Love It:

There are multi-faceted components to this printable pack which make it a great learning unit for your elementary schooler! For example, we love the beautifully illustrated chart that clearly shows the pumpkin life cycle, which you can use to review the main concept of this study with your student (or students) as often as you need to while working through other parts of this unit.

We also love this labeling chart, which gives your child a chance to practice what they’ve learned! You can use this chart in a number of ways by:

  • Having your child cut out the provided words and paste them into the correct blank spaces.
  • Teaching your child definitions and spelling for each given word, and having them practice spelling for each word while carefully labeling the chart in pencil.
  • Laminating the page so that your child can practice filling in the correct answers multiple times.

These Montessori-based cards are one of my favorite things about this pack because they give children a truly hands-on experience with taking in this information! We suggest laminating them so you can use them over and over!

Get your Pumpkin Unit Study by clicking the button below!

And if you are looking for more pumpkin-based learning…

Check out some of the fun educational crafts and activities below!

If you’d like to add some math to your study, try out this Pumpkin Ten Frame Addition printable! Have your child choose one of the formula cards, and then use the pumpkins to fill in the ten frame and solve the problem.

For some fun sensory play and basic skills practice, try this Pumpkin Spice Playdough along with our Pumpkin Playdough Play Mats. Not only does the playdough smell fabulous, but you can use it to work on forming the letter p (For pumpkin, of course!), sounding out the letter p, building circles and spheres, and basic counting skills.

For some language arts practice, how about writing a pumpkin-themed story? Use this Create-a-Face Pumpkin Printable to make fun pumpkin faces, and then use the creative writing sheet to write stories about them! You can also use this printable to talk about emotions and character qualities.

And finally, to bring some art in to your pumpkin study, try Pumpkin Pointillism: An Art Lesson in Primary Colors. This art lesson teaches your children how to make a pumpkin still life using only red, yellow, and blue paint! Not only is painting fun, but this lesson will help give your children an understanding of the primary and secondary colors by experiencing them!

For a fun pumpkin-related craft you can do with your children, take a look at this Easy Decorative Pumpkin Paper Bag Craft. This craft allows younger children to work on fine motor skills, and it allows everyone to enjoy spending time together making some cute pumpkins to use as fall decorations.

And there’s nothing more fun than adding a delicious recipe to your studies! Food makes everything more fun, right?! If you have adventurous eaters (and even if you don’t!), you’ll want to try this Creamy Pumpkin Soup recipe. We hope you love making it and eating it together!

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