A Week in the Life with Oak Meadow Six

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Welcome to our Week in the Life post for Oak Meadow Grade Six

This week has been a bit bananas. I feel a little guilty using it as our week in the life post because I had the flu and things were anything but normal around here- but that’s the beauty (and downside) of homeschooling. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Luckily for me, Bug is old enough now that his curriculum is really designed for him to be able to work independently, and he has gotten better and better at working through his assignments with little intervention from me.


How we divide the week:

Bug has asked to try block scheduling with his Oak Meadow curriculum this year, so for the most part, he has been focusing on one topic a day. It doesn’t always work smoothly (more on that later) but in an ideal world, he’d like to do science on Mondays, history on Tuesday, language arts on Wednesday and on Thursday, do fun, hands-on activities. We average four-day school weeks in our home because we are year-round homeschoolers, so Fridays are typically reserved for rest, adventures outside the home, and other fun.

This week is week 8 of Bug’s Oak Meadow Six curriculum. We’ve chosen to share a later week in the curriculum to give you an idea of how the program works once you settle into a routine with it.



Science this week included all sorts of hands-on activities while Bug continued learning about plants. This week, he focused on stems, leaves, and the structural elements that brings nutrients and water to the plant. It’s still the dead of winter here, so we had to improvise a little with the curriculum. Typically, you’d be hitting this lesson in September, but since we started in January, instead of gathering plants from outdoors, we made due with flowers from the store, a potted plant, vegetables, and pictures online.


Bug did some experiments and continued learning about the scientific method. This year, he’s keeping a journal where he is taking notes on his experiments, writing down his hypothesis, and keeping track of his findings. In the picture above, he used plastic to see how respiration works- after a couple hours he was able to note condensation on the bag.

Learning about PlantsHe also did the age-old plant in dye experiment. In the past, I’ve always had to do most of the work for his science experiments, but this week, he gathered all the materials, set up all the activities, performed the experiments, and tracked the data on his own.

It’s a blessing (and also quite sad) to know he can do all of this without me!

What I loved about science this week is that the book includes all the reading, diagrams and information he needed to come to conclusions about the activities, but it also encouraged further exploration- which is something I am loving about this level in every subject.

Social Studies: 

Social Studies this week was all about ancient India. Just like his science lessons, the social science lesson encouraged Bug to really go down the rabbit’s hole and learn as much as he could about the country.

He read the history, did some map work, and then researched to get ready for his language arts assignments. The lesson book included a recipe (which I was not well enough to supervise, but it’s on the menu for this week), reading, and encouragement to research religious traditions, cultural information, current events, and more.


Bug got really into watching YouTube videos of traditional Indian dancing, and read all about different holidays celebrated in India.

Language Arts:

For language arts this week, Bug needed to take the information he learned from his studies about India and write a report. His report included sections on the history of India, holidays, food, traditions (like dancing) and demographic information.

Report writing is still new for Bug, but the curriculum has him learning in bits and pieces. I love that the curriculum got him excited about the subject by encouraging him to really research the topic and find points of interest before writing.


This week, additional reading was also assigned. There were many options in the book, but Bug decided he wanted to learn more about the religious traditions in India. I am enjoying the multi-cultural focus on this year’s curriculum, and the encouragement to learn more about the cultures and people who lived in these ancient places.


In addition to his report, Bug also needed to complete vocabulary definitions (drawn from his assigned history reading), spelling words and his instruction to write a letter to a member of his family using the proper format.


Math this week included fraction work, with practice finding the lowest common denominator, and borrowing with mixed numbers. Step by step instructions and worked practice questions are included. This week included two pages of practice questions, and a two-page test to complete. I have Bug spread his math lessons out throughout the week instead of completing it in a block rotation.


Final Thoughts:

I feel like Bug did a huge amount of work this week- but here’s the kicker- if you look at what was actually assigned, it’s a completely reasonable amount of things to do. What makes Oak Meadow special at this level is that there are plenty of suggestions and resources for kids to take detours, and to “run” with their education.

For example, Bug probably could have done the bare minimum with his report on India. But the curriculum gave him just enough information to spark his curiosity. He’s learning to find information on his own, to plan activities, to run experiments, to do crafts, and instead of me needing to be a cruise director for him at this point, his lessons are interest led. He is finding what he is interested in, and he’s running with it. It’s a beautiful thing!

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  1. I loved hearing that the curriculum inspired your son to dive deeper into the subject. Do you know at what age it starts transitioning from parent-led to independent work?

  2. This honestly looks like so much fun, and the perfect blend. I love that the language arts assignments use the social studies assignments, to me that just makes so much sense.

  3. I completely agree that Oak Meadow is a full curriculum and I really enjoy the upper grades independent learning. My 8th grader is fully engrossed in all his subjects and can’t wait to get started each new week! I enjoy a little more ‘me’ time by not having to overshadow his every move and when we sit down at the end of the day and discuss what he learned, I know I have absolutely made the right choice with Oak Meadow.

  4. Interesting. We wouldn’t be using a 6th grade curriculum for a couple years, but it’s interesting to see how others use it.

  5. It seems like a very engaging and hands on curriculum that would be a big hit with my kiddos. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I have been wanting to try Oak Meadow with my oldest. Love your review. Definitely inspires me to be more hands on in my homeschool

  7. I think I would be choosing Kindergarten to use with my younger daughter. I’ve looked at this multiple times but haven’t been able to afford it for the family.

  8. I’d love a chance to try this free. I’m still trying to figure out what works best for my son, and don’t want (can’t afford) to buy a curriculum that isn’t a good fit. Good luck to everyone who enters.

  9. We’re a multi-cultural family, so your review was very interesting to see how other cultures are part of the OM curriculum. I would love to try the Kindegarten program in the fall!

  10. As a chronically ill mom, to children with special needs, this post sure did resonate with me. I do appreciate the blessing of my children acquiring the needed skills to support independent work and a curriculum that supports that. It looks fabulous! I also appreciated the fact that it is versatile in that the child can go at whatever pace is most beneficial for them! Excited for the opportunity to enter to win some.

  11. I would love to give this curriculum a try. It sounds exactly what we are looking for! Something that our son is interested in as well as having him be independent.

  12. First grade curriculum would be wonderful for us. We’ve had a fun kindergarten year so far but I would love something structured to help us (especially me!) as we head into our second year.

  13. I would like to try this with my girls. It sounds like it is structured, but still leaves enough wiggle room for every student to make it their own.

  14. Had you not reviewed this, I’m not sure it would have ever been on my radar. Thanks for the introduction!

  15. We would LOVE to give Oak meadow a try because it really seems to align with how we like to learn. I have spent a fair amount of time looking at their site and everything just looks so amazing.

  16. I would love to win this in 8th grade. I have a stepson that I decided to homeschool due to behavior issues , and disabilities. I even held him back in 7th this ur to make due he’s getting what he needs but I haven’t found anything that sparks his interest and keeps the fighting to a minimum. This sounds great. I hope to give it a try

  17. I love the part where they can “run” with the curriculum. We do a lot of that, especially with history and geography. This would be a great fit for my grandson that I homeschool.

  18. Two things stick out that would rock my world:
    “lessons don’t seem overwhelming or time-consuming. It all just flows from one activity to the next. It’s laid back” 🙂
    “his lessons are interest led. He is finding what he is interested in, and he’s running with it. It’s a beautiful thing!”

    Sounds like a perfect world scenario, to me 😉

  19. I figure if God wants me to use this curriculum I will win. It really looks interesting and believe my youngest would like it.

  20. We love the curriculum we find here. It’s perfect for the things we learn. Winning this would be great and help out so much.

  21. I would love to try this curriculum especially for my first grader. This might be a good fit for him.

  22. would love to try the curriculum & see if I am even cut out for this whole home-schooling thing!! Kindergarden is our “next” step 😉

  23. At first I was torn between if I would pick Kindergarten or 3rd grade – I think I would probably choose 3rd grade for my oldest, then just purchase Kindergarten to try both. This curriculum is not much more than we would spend anyhow, just hard to commit to something I haven’t tried.

  24. Thank you for posting such a thorough review. I am really intrigued to try it, seeing the lovely way they have weaved the subjects together & gentle way they seem to guide the student towards independent learning.

  25. I really like the way they are teaching to write research papers. We certainly could use that kind of help and structure.

  26. I would like to try Oak Meadows because I like the fact that he COULD do the bare minimum (Aspergers, ODD) but also the fact that the curriculum (not me) encourages & directs further exploration!

  27. I’m still new at this so I’m trying to find a good fit. I’ve discovered free isn’t free and frankly printer ink is expensive, it’s not practical to do it all online for us, and I’m not into the deep religious aspects most of the curriculum has. Something that features a lot of nature related activities would be good for us since we live in Florida and it doesn’t get that cold where we are. There are even a lot of places we can go explore for free. With four kids, it will likely serve us well for at least two.

  28. I would love to try out this curriculum because I think that my kids would love the hands on experiences. Thanks for the great giveaway and the chance to win!!

  29. Hi, looks like a great curriculum, especially by linking some subjects together/ on the same theme. We are about to start our homeschool journey and would love to win 3rd grade.

  30. I want 4th Grade. I currently use Sonlight for my kids prek through 2nd but my soon to be 4th Grader I think would benefit from Oak Meadow. Like your son she is “sensitive” and becomes overwhelmed quite easily.

  31. Would love to try this with my daughter, she would be in 3rd grade and she’s so nature oriented and this curriculum seems like it would be a wonderful fit her creativity side.

  32. Thank you for this post! I love that the curriculum moves into interest driven learning! I worry about a packaged curriculum because I don’t want us to be boxed in and have no time to dive deeper into topics that my little one enjoys and wants to explore more.

  33. It’s likely that two of our three will be in school next year so it would be a good time to start with Oak Medow with the one who stays home. So, we would be doing either 3rd or 5th grade. I love the idea of block scheduling as you have.

  34. This looks like an excellent curriculum. Would love to win 5th grade for my son. It would be a blessing.

  35. I really love how the curriculum is well tied together. I love the idea of the same subject over multiple classes.

  36. I would love to win grade 3 for my oldest, I have been looking at Oak Meadow for the last 2 years and really want to try it

  37. Because I love reading how you use it and you make it sound so fun! I thought I would get the 6th or 7th grade level for my oldest son, but was thinking it might by more my daughter’s style. She will be in 1/2 grade next year, so I might get her grade if I win!

  38. Oak Meadow looks like an amazing curriculum! I can’t wait to try it for my first grader!

  39. We already make use of Oak Meadow and absolutely love it! My eldest two are currently working on grade 4, but I would love to get the kindergarten level for our littlest one.

  40. If I won I would choose First Grade because that’s what my oldest will be in next year. My kids are 6, 3, and 1 and I am new to teaching homeschool. 🙂 I really enjoy your website, it helps me a lot!

  41. This is amazing! Your program seems wonderful and it seems as though your son is doing well! I’m hoping to win 🙂

  42. I love the fact that your son isn’t completely overwhelmed with work. Can’t wait to see If I win this for my son. Good Luck everyone, you all deserve it.

  43. I’m feeling a little lost with homeschooling anymore. We started pretty good but and need the support of a structured program. Levi (almost 12) is my grandson he came to live with me 4 yrs ago. He was having difficulty with his reading in school so our path homeschooling immediately began. He is in grade 6.
    It would be truly be a blessing to win this amazing giveaway from Oak Meadow. ?

  44. Would love to try this! This seems like a well-rounded, interesting curriculum that keeps kids’ interest!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. I would like to try oak meadow because it covers so many subjects and you seem to be very happy with it. 🙂

  46. Thank you for sharing and giving us an opportunity to observe the curriculum in action. I also like to do a subject a day when possible .

  47. I would really love to try 2nd grade next year for my daughter! We are new to homeschooling and this curriculum looks great!

  48. We LOVE Oak Meadow, and your approach to education is lovely. Much appreciation for sharing. Crossing fingers!

  49. I’m really interested in looking into Oak Meadows High School curriculum for my this years 8th grader!

  50. I have heard nothing but great things about OM. I would love to have 6th grade or 8th grade! It seems to be more well rounded than just drill and kill!!

  51. I’ve never used Oak Meadow before. I’d like either second, fifth or seventh grades. I can’t decide!

  52. We are cooperatively homeschooling with two other families. That’s a total of 3 tween boys who will be doing 6th grade next year and three toddlers. This year we let the boys follow their bliss, assigning work based on what they were interested in, as two of them were new to homeschooling. The veteran homeschooler has actually asked for a more structured curriculum, and now that it’s March, we parents have all agreed this will be better for these guys, and we want Oak Meadow. Thank you for this blog post, as well as for all the fun printables. We love your site.

  53. We have 4 children 7 and under and have just started homeschooling this year. I am on the lookout for good, fun curriculum that I can use with all of them!

  54. Love seeing the pictures of the curriculum and how well Bug can adjust his learning time. We can’t wait to begin the 2nd grade level (fingers crossed). 🙂

    Good luck to all!

  55. Up until now we have pulled different subjects from different companies, but this coming year I am looking to change. I am looking for one company to get everything from, a boxed curriculum. I love what I have read about Oak Meadow in your posts and am considering them for this coming year. I am hoping to be able to find them at the homeschool convention I am going to in a couple of weeks so I can see it in person too!

  56. I love how they teach them to be independent. Also how it connects all the subjects together. Would love to try Oak Meadows a try.

  57. I love how well rounded the curriculum is. How it leaves room for discovery and growth. It actually makes me excited about everything my son (and I) can learn as he grows up!

  58. I’d like to win because I have heard (and seen) great things about Oak Meadow, but it’s completely out of our homeschooling budget. I am confident that my son would love it!

  59. I’d like to try it because my daughter is very unhappy at school and we’re ready to try homeschooling.

  60. I’ve been impressed with their whole-life learning approach. From the samples on their site, I can see how they encourage in the child a spirit of personal responsibility. It’s far from the check-the-box-and-say-it’s-done type of curriculum.

  61. I am so glad you posted this updated review. What an incredible look at the science curriculum offered by Oak Meadow.

  62. It is great to see how kids are encouraged to explore more and really go deeper into the subject of their study, sparking their natural curiosity, instead of just supplying them with cold facts. It just makes them avid learner for their all life.

  63. I would like to try Oak Meadow as it sounds too good to be true. We currently have a 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 9th graders here, so anything that is structured is good thing.

  64. I really love the rhythm that Oak Meadow establishes and of course hands on learning! It’s an overall wonderful curriculum!

  65. Oak Meadow looks like a fun change from what we typically use yearly. Since I haven’t purchased anything yet for next year, I’d love to try out 5th grade with my oldest who is ready for a change.

  66. I really like oak meadow because they let children pick a way to explore the subject with some kind of craft or artistic element or get to choose the topic on what to write about. It seems kids have more freedom to explore what interest them and I love that!

  67. We are going to be new to homeschooling next year, and I came across Oak Meadow while doing some research. I think this would be the best curriculum for my son who is a multi-sensory learner and all of the projects seem as though they would keep him engaged and learning. I also love that it is nature based.

  68. Wow, sorry you were sick! It does help me realize that this curriculum could be self taught in the older grades, if need be. I love that it allows you to tweek it to make it more delight directed also. Oak Meadow sounds like a solid, wonderful program.

  69. When reading the review I really liked that there was opportunity and encouragement to go further and explore what you liked about the topic. I like that and that there is also direction on where to explore next. 🙂

  70. My kids are preK and 1st and it is nice to see review for the upper grades. It solidify my wanting to continue with Oak meadow. If I win I would buy 3rd grade!

  71. This post just gets me super excited about home schooling…. Ack the conundrum! I want my little to stay little but I’m so excited to see her grow up all big and independent!

  72. Wow I am so excited for the giveaway, We really cant afford OM so I would love this chance to win a years worth of their programming. Thank you very much,

  73. Whenever I look at curriculum I always come back to Oak Meadow. It is one that is a good fit for all 3 of my children.

  74. I just received the catalog it . it looks like so much fun do you know if you can combine 2kids in a single grade

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