Finishing Up Our Dino Unit

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We are wrapping up our Dinosaur unit study this week. Getting all the kids involved with the activities was a fantastic change of pace, and it was surprisingly easy to find a way to keep the big kids intrigued even though this is a preschool program. If you haven’t grabbed our printables yet, do so soon, because they will no longer be free on the first!

 Some of our Dinosaur fun this month:

Grab your printable packs before it’s too late!

Learning about Fossils
Coloring and Copywork
Fact Cards and Dino Reports
Dino Mix-Up Book
How do Dinos protect themselves?
Dinosaur Books and Toys
Dinosaur Memory Match

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  1. Those books look like fun. Fingers crossed! I love checking out all the stuff on your blog and getting you know you. Thanks for all the great info.

  2. I love reading all the If You Give… A mouse a cookie, A moose a muffin, a pig a pancake….the repetitive sounds help my daughter with her speech.

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