Oak Meadow Grade 7 {Box Day!}

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It’s box day! I am still in shock that we’ve been homeschooling long enough to have Bug working on Oak Meadow Grade 7. I want to say something profound here about how he is growing up too fast, but I am mostly just in denial about the whole thing. Bug on the other hand is so ready to be in middle school and is thrilled to be digging into his new curriculum!


We tried something new this year and recorded a video of Box Day, so if you have a moment and want to learn more about Oak Meadow Grade 7, and Oak Meadow in general, you can check out that video right here:

This was my first time “unboxing” on camera- so bear with me! It was so hard to not just sit there and read through the books! I am addicted to curriculum, and nothing makes my homeschool mom heart sing as much as a box of shiny new books.

But, if you don’t have time to watch the video, I still want to give you a quick overview of what’s in the box. In a couple weeks, we’ll be back to share a full review of Oak Meadow Grade 7 with all the nuts-and-bolts of how this program works, what is covered and what I think the highlights of this year will be. For now, I just want to give you our first impressions as we check out this level and get started.

The quality is exactly what I expect from Oak Meadow

This year’s curriculum has the same covered spiral binding from last year, which I loved. I am a paper person, so I love when our curriculum has nice thick, glossy pages which Oak Meadow does. It also has full color images that are nice and clean and crisp as well as plenty of white space for notes and ease of reading.

This year continues to provide support for the student

Grade 7 is written to the student and expects a certain level of responsibility and independence from the student. The columns are lined for note-taking, planner pages are included and there is even room for the student to make a list of needed supplies each week.

The teacher’s manual is solid

Some programs tend to cut the parent out as the kids grow older and more responsible, but I am not quite ready for that with Bug. The teacher’s manual still contains all the parent support I need to work with him, assess his work and guide him in his lessons. I reccomend all parents using Oak Meadow pick up the teacher’s manual as well. I use mine weekly for planning and reviewing Bug’s work.


There is a ton of literature

This is another year where the literature and english instruction are intertwined with the history instruction. As a homeschooler who loves the idea of a classical education, I love that Bug will continue learning history in context and will read books to help him really understand different cultures and periods of time. This level does contain a handful of books that I personally haven’t seen before, but I am excited to read them alongside Bug!

The science program is still my favorite

I really like Oak Meadow, but I LOVE Oak Meadow Science. Their program is solid, easy to teach and complete. This year Bug will be studying Earth Science, and we are both excited to learn more about space, rocks and minerals.

It’s still flexible

Oak Meadow always gives kids plenty of options for their projects and activities. I love this element of choice- I feel that it helps kids learn to love learning and learn how to learn by taking ownership of their lessons. Each lesson contains more than one option to dig in deeper into the concepts, and I know Bug is going to love always having a choice of what to do (and what to skip!)


It’s still affordable! 

Grade 7 retails for almost half the price of other “complete” curriculum programs. From February 14-28th you can save 20% on their curriculum! Grab yours now!


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