Happy National Pancake Day! Pancake Pile-Up {Game Review and Giveaway!}

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National Pancake Day- Play a fun pancake relay game! Happy National Pancake Day! We started our morning with a big stack of pancakes before school to celebrate. We just *love* pancakes around here, which is why when we were offered the Pancake Pile-Up Relay Game from Educational Insights to review in honor of National Pancake Day, I couldn’t resist!

This game is tons of fun, and was perfect for today.

How do you play?

Pancake Pile-Up Relay is a fun, physical game for kids.

In the box are 10 plastic pancakes. Two are plain, two have bananas, two are strawberry, two are blueberry, and two have chocolate chips. Also included are two thick cardboard plates, two spatulas, two pads of butter, and order cards.

To play this game, you split into two teams (you can play with 2 kids, or as many as 6 per team). The kids are the “servers” and the adult (or one of the kids) is the customer in the restaurant.

The box (the griddle) goes on one end of the room, and the restaurant where the customer sits is on the other side of the room.


The customer picks an order card from the deck, and calls “order up!” The card shows a stack of pancakes, and the servers must deliver the order with the pancakes stacked in the right sequence, and top the pancakes with a pad of butter. Servers move one at a time from the griddle, carrying a pancake on their spatula, until the order is complete. If you have more than one server, they pass off the spatula “relay style” until the order is complete.

Relay Race- Stack the Pancakes

The game is finished when one time has their order complete and correct.

Pancake Pile-Up Relay game has kids balancing pancakes, walking carefully, matching pancakes to pictures, working on sequencing, and encourages team work. It’s a fabulous game!

Our Experience

My kids really loved playing Pancake Pile-Up. They even took it to the park today to try and play it with some of the neighborhood kids. We’ve had great luck playing it with only two servers, and a couple more.

While this game is recommended for ages 4 and up, Little Miss has claimed the pancakes as hers, and hates to see the other kids run off to play with them! I think that’s one of the best things about this game- it’s really very versatile. A younger child can play by themselves, and use the cards and pancakes as a matching game. She has spent quite a bit of time this week stacking and re-stacking the pancakes all by herself.

Pancake Pile Up Game- SO fun for toddlers

When we aren’t playing the game, I put the pancakes in the play kitchen, so they have plenty of use, even when we aren’t relay racing!

Where to buy Pancake Pile-Up

You can get Pancake Pile-Up Relay from Educational Insights– and many other places games are sold for $17.99.

Enter to Win!

I am so thrilled that Educational Insights offered one Pancake Pile-Up game for a giveaway. This is one we really love- and I am sure you will to. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. That was the perfect game for pancake day. How did I miss that holiday? We love pancakes. I like how this incorporates both gross and fine motor with a fun game. I’d love to win.

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