Rewarding Children for their Efforts: Free Popcorn Themed Reward Chart

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Little Miss did a wonderful job potty training last fall. It was pretty easy to get her to cooperate when she was the only little one in my house and had all my attention. And then, we added Peanut, our newest baby. All that hard work went right out the door when she did the typical new regression thing, and I needed a new way to convince her to use the toilet instead of my (mostly clean) floors. We decided the best way to get her to cooperate was to bring out the big guns, a reward chart featuring one of the things she loves most, popcorn.

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Luckily, our reward chart was exactly what she needed, and it took less than a week to get her back in the routine. Just a couple days ago, we rewarded her with a big popcorn and movie night celebration for her efforts! I made up a bowl of microwaveable popcorn, and we set out to make a big pillow fort to enjoy it in.


Little Miss is a bit of a popcorn addict. For this party, we had microwaveable popcorn as our special treat. I really love popcorn as a snack for the kids, especially for night time parties because it doesn’t have the sugar content of most snacks (so they will sit and watch the movie instead of bouncing off the walls!).

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Our reward chart worked so well with Little Miss that I decided to make a calendar based version for the older kids. You can get both of them free in our shop.

Free Popcorn Reward Chart

Have your child color in one kernel for whatever action you want them to accomplish- use the zigzag sheet for things like potty training, one kernel per chapter read, tooth brushing… anything not tied to a day. The calendar version is good for things like behaving each day in school.

Free popcorn themed reward chart and printable coupons

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