Fall Early Learning Bundle Value Pack

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Fall is such a wonderful time of year! If you live in an area where the summers are really hot (like I do), fall brings a welcome change in the weather. It means temperatures will soon cool off, leaves will begin to turn colors, and (of course!) it’s time to start indulging in some hot cocoa or pumpkin spice lattes. 🙂

Fall is also the time of year many families begin a new homeschool year. Yes, some people homeschool year-round or have some other kind of homeschool schedule, but many people choose to begin a new homeschool year in the fall.

Even if you don’t start your new year in the fall, you may be looking for some fun fall inspiration! You might be looking for a way to celebrate the new season and incorporate some educational fun too.

But we all know curriculum can be expensive! You may not have a lot of money left over to invest in fun printables and activities for your kids to add to what you’re already doing. That’s why we decided to offer over $40 worth of homeschool printables to you for only $5.00!

This sale only lasts through the first official day of fall, though, so be sure to take advantage of it right away! On September 23, these 16 fall educational printables go back to regular price. 

If you’re wondering which resources are included in this $5 bundle, I’ll tell you!

  • Fall Early Learning Pack (regularly $2.99)
  • Fun on the Farm with Apple Tree Math (regularly $1.99)
  • Apple Life Cycle Mini Book (regularly $1.99)
  • All About Apples Unit Study (regularly $3.99)
  • Apple Math: Multiply by 6 (regularly $1.00)
  • All About Sunflowers Life Cycle Unit Study (regularly $3.99)
  • All About Pumpkins Life Cycle Unit Study (regularly $3.99)
  • Create-a-Face Pumpkin Pack (regularly $1.99)
  • Pumpkin Life Cycle Mini Book (regularly $1.99)
  • Pumpkin Ten-Frame Addition (regularly $1.00)
  • Pumpkin Playdough Play Mats (regularly $1.99)
  • Fall Verbs Read & Write Pack (regularly $3.99)
  • Fall Nouns Read & Write Pack (regularly $3.99)
  • Fall Adjectives Read & Write Pack (regularly $3.99)
  • Fall Past, Present, and Future Pack (regularly $1.99)
  • Fall Parts of Speech Word Search (regularly $.99)

The resources in this bundle are perfect for children from preschool and early elementary ages through about middle elementary ages, so this bundle is great for homeschools with young children or with young children and older siblings.

To go to the Only Passionate Curiosity store and get this bundle of over $40 worth of educational fall printables for $5, click the link below! You’ll use the discount code FallDiscount. This offer expires on September 23, 2021, so be sure to take advantage right now! 

I want $40 of fall printables for $5! 


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