How to Make Cookie Gift Bags out of Wrapping Paper

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Have you ever run out of gift bags when you needed them, or needed to wrap an oddly shaped package? This happens to me every single December, but since I learned this nifty trick, I haven’t been caught without wrapping supplies. For this post, we made cookie bags out of wrapping paper, but you can apply this method to any sized need.

How to make cookie gift bags out of wrapping paper:

Gather your supplies- you’ll want a nice, thick wrapping paper that can hold up to your cookies or gift, scissors and some tape.


1. Cut a piece of wrapping paper- it needs to be wide enough to wrap around your gift (or cookies) and long enough to cover the height of the gift plus an extra 2-3 inches.

2. Fold the wrapping paper to form a tube wide enough for your gift, and tape the seam. Flatten the paper with the seam in the middle.

3. Fold the bottom of the paper into a diamond shape- you want to bring the two sides together and flatten the paper so it looks like this:

4. Then, you’ll want to fold in the corners to the center and tape them in place, as shown below. You want to make sure it’s nice and secure, and as square as you can make it, so your gift bag will have a nice stable bottom.


5. After you do this, you can stand your bag up and open it up. You can trim the top if it’s uneven and check the seams to see if you need to use a little more tape on the seams to make it sturdy.

6. Fold over the top to close your bag, and staple it or tie it off with ribbons. You can attach gift tags too to make it super cute.


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