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Treasure Maps

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We’ve just started using Intelligo for their unit studies. This week we have been working on Maps (since Bug enjoyed his mini-introduction to Maps with Moving Beyond the Page) and we are loving it so far.

Today he made a treasure map. We went outside and figured out how to draw a map from our house to playground, counting our steps and taking notes along the way. They we came home, drew out the map, and “aged” it to look like a pirate map!

Schooling has become a family affair in this house, Daddy is on call for anything involving experiments and fire. Dad helped Bug burn the edges of his map.

I wish I had a better picture of his map, this shows the compass rose he drew in the corner to make sure we knew which way is “up”.

He aged the map with a tea bag, sadly, it smudged the washable markers he used. Tomorrow he’ll  fix the smudgy parts and take his little brother on a treasure hunt to the park.



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