Christmas Patterning Practice

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IT’S DECEMBER! Yipee! Our house is decorated for the season and we are good to go for the holidays. While we were decorating the house, I had a good time looking at the patterns of the lights with Little Miss, our kindergartener.


Patterns are kind of a tricky thing for little ones. One day, they won’t get it and the next day they will. Every one of my kids has spent a couple weeks in Kindergarten looking at patterns and practicing them until one day *poof* it clicks.

Today, we brought out our Spielgaben set, which includes this super awesome grid board and little colorful dots to create designs, solve math problems, and play.


We started the activity with free play (as we tend to do) with our Spielgaben set. Many of the drawers are full of super cool manipulatives, and I have found if we don’t play first, it’s hard for any of us to focus on the lesson at hand. She made some fun designs, and then I had her cover her eyes while I set up the start of some basic (and some not so basic) patterns.


I gave her a stack of dots, and had her take some time to complete the patterns. Her concentrating face is very, very serious.


She took her time finding just the right dots to complete the patterns and even added some of her own to the grid.

img_6492 img_6494

Little Miss was so proud to show me her work! If your child needs some patterning practice, we have multiple printable resources up in our shop now.

Spielgaben is offering a special discount and a layaway offer right now, so you can add this flexible manipulative set to your own homeschool. Stop by their website and check it out!

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