Guest Post: Easy Rocket Ship Craft for Kids

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Hello everyone,

I’m Kim from Adventureswithsix. I am a mom of six kiddos, 3 girls and 3 boys. I am a proud Air Force Wife of 10 years and Homeschool mom for 5 years. I love crafting. I was very excited to have the opportunity to share my talents with you. You can read more about us here, when you are done making this rocket craft of course!

make a rocket

This rocket is super easy to make even more fun to play with. My two helpers for this project were Duke (5) and Bubbles (6). They were very excited to make rockets of their own. First here’s what you will need: 2 toilet paper rolls or 1 paper towel roll, clear tape, scissors, glue (I used tacky craft glue),1 piece of foam paper, Aluminum foil, and the template.



The first thing you will need to do is print the template, trace the shapes onto the foam paper and cut out. The template contains the top and 4 fins. You don’t have to use the template it just makes things a little bit easier. For my kiddos I traced the shapes onto the foam paper and let them cut the shapes out. It was a great opportunity to have them practice their cutting skills.

Next you will need to cover your paper towel roll or toilet paper rolls with Aluminum foil. Make sure to tape your toilet paper rolls together before covering. I cut my Aluminum foil just a little longer than my paper towel roll. Then I taped the Aluminum foil down with clear tape. You don’t need much.

rock ro fly

The last step is to shape your circle into a cone and then glue down the cone and fins. If you didn’t use the pattern cut a slit to the middle of the circle. Shape it into a cone, glue it together and use clear tape to help it hold its shape. Glue the cone on the top. Then glue each fin around the bottom of the rocket body so that the rocket can stand. You will need the rocket to stand in order to dry the best and fastest. It takes about an hour to dry enough to be played with. It took several hours for our glue to dry; it was a good thing because it made it harder to destroy.


Duke and Pooh (2) had fun making their rockets fly through the room. They even had Baby Kermit (15 months) mimicking them with Duke’s Green Lantern Jet. The sad reality is that Pooh destroyed his rocket in about an hour. He had fun with it while it lasted.

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