American Sign Language Alphabet Coloring Book

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Are your children interested in learning American Sign Language or learning more about it? ASL is fun to learn, and you never know when it might come in handy to know the alphabet or even a few simple words! To help get your children interested in learning ASL, we’ve added the next ASL printable pack to the shop!

This fun coloring book offers your students the chance to color the hand movements for each letter of the ASL alphabet. This is a great way to teach your children to really pay attention to the hand positions for the letters, and it’s educational fun for all ages!

You can have your children color the letters found in their names and have them hang them in their schoolroom or bedrooms. Then challenge them to learn to sign their own names without looking at the pages!

Preview Pages

Take a look at the format of each of the pages below. Preschoolers just learning to write can practice the letter tracing portion of each page and then color the hand movement as reinforcement. Older students can focus on mastering the hand movements for each letter. If you practice along with them, you can all enjoy learning something new together and have a fun new way to communicate with each other and with people in your community who use ASL.

Supplement with Songs

Supplementing with fun songs is a great way to help cement a new concept into the minds of our students. I’ve chosen a couple of my favorites from YouTube. As always, please preview and please monitor when allowing your children to use the Internet.

Credit: Laura Berg Life

Additional Sign Language Alphabet Practice

In case you didn’t grab the other printable pack in this series, now’s your chance! These are individual alphabet flash cards and a bonus matching game!

It’s a pleasure sharing new resources and printables with you! If you’d like to share them with others, please direct them to this article so they can download these ASL freebies and find out what else there is to love here at Only Passionate Curiosity!

Until next time, Happy Learning!

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  1. I am deaf mom, grandmaw and great grandmaw….my 6 grandkids are hard of hearing (grandkids graduated at Al school for the Deaf). I graduated at same deaf school they went to my school. Now i would like for my grandnieces/nephews to learn sign languages.

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