Printable Better Words to Use Writing Helper

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Today’s printable is just for older kids who need to spice up their writing with better words. Bug’s been working hard in writing class all year, but the feedback always seems to be the same- he really need to get a bit more creative and move away from boring words, like “said” “went” “good” and “bad,” and should use more descriptive words.

I made this printable helper after he went to bed this evening, and I can’t wait to give it to him on Monday! I just know he’ll love having a simple tool to help him add some more creative words to his writing. I left the back of the cards blank for him so he can add in his own colorful descriptive words on the back of the cards.

This helper is one page and includes 8 cards full of solid synonyms for your child to use in their writing. The 8 words included are: went, said, big, small, good, bad, happy and sad.

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