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Creepy Crawly Color and Collect Cards

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Today’s printable was made just for my seven and four-year-olds. They LOVE all things creepy and crawly. The more their “pets” make mom squirm, the better. I’m trying to play to my seven year old’s interests as much as possible to make life easier on both of us, and what do you know, this latest pack is a huge hit with him!

Creepy Crawly 2


These can be used in two ways. You can print them full sized for younger children, and just let them color the images. Or, you can do as I did for Mr. Man and print them four to a sheet on cardstock. We looked up the creatures on the cards, and he wrote a fact about each one on the back. When you are done, you can color them, and laminate them. He loves his deck of all things creepy!

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