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All About Dragonflies: Life Cycle Unit Study

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I’ve got to say, I just love seeing dragonflies! They remind me of my childhood on my grandparents’ creek bed and the hours and hours I spent there!

Detail of a dragonfly

All About Dragonflies Printable Pack

As a continuation of our Life Cycle unit studies, this week’s offering is All About Dragonflies!

This 16-page unit study includes full-color life cycle graphics, fill-in-the-blank labeling with answer key, Montessori three-part cards, nature journal with full-color cover and blank pages for open-ended learning! Great for grades 3rd – 5th!

Supplemental Dragonfly Learning

Here are a few of our favorite reads and fun, educational videos about dragonflies! *Please always supervise online viewing your kiddos!

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