All About Dragonflies: Life Cycle Unit Study

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With their jewel-like colors and uniquely structured wings, dragonflies are beautiful and fascinating creatures. These insects are masters of flight with a magical aesthetic (they have always reminded me of fairies), which makes them one of the most popular insects. Today, we’re bringing you a unit study that you can use to help your child learn all about dragonflies!  This is a great study for digging into something your child has likely seen – and been interested in- in the natural world. 

What’s Included:

This All About Dragonflies Life Cycle Unit Study printable contains 16 pages which include: colorful graphics depicting a dragonfly’s life cycle, a fill-in-the-blank labeling section (with an answer key), Montessori three-part cards, and a nature journal with full-color cover and blank pages for open-ended learning! This printable is ideal for students who are working at an upper elementary level, although you could modify it to suit younger or older students as well. 

How to Use It: 

One of my favorite things about this unit study is that it allows for a multi-sensory approach with the kids who are using it. For each activity, children can learn visually through the detailed pictures and charts, through listening and discussion as you discuss the the life cycle and use the Montessori cards, and through tactile manipulation (they have the opportunity to cut and place labels and arrange the Montessori cards). In the journaling section, children can apply what they have learned in an expository form that brings it all together!

We hope you enjoy using this All About Dragonflies Life Cycle Unit to learn more about these amazing creatures! You can grab your printable by clicking the link below. 

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