Beautiful 3-D Black-Eyed Susan Craft

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In our fast-paced digital age, it’s refreshing to reconnect with the wonders of nature and foster creativity with our kids. One perfect way to achieve both is by engaging in this fun activity: a paper black-eyed Susan craft!

With its golden petals and dark center, the black-eyed Susan is a symbol of summer’s arrival. It’s a well-known flower, and likely got its label from a poem by the same name, “Black-Eyed Susan” by John Gay, about a sailor bidding farewell to his lovely “black-eyed Susan.”

black-eyed Susan craft - image of a bunch of black-eyed Susan flowers

Before jumping into the black-eyed Susan craft, here are a few facts about this stunning flower:

  1. Black-eyed Susan flowers are scientifically known as Rudbeckia hirta.
  2. They are vibrant wildflowers native to North America. In appearance, they have bright yellow or golden petals that surround a dark brown, almost black, center. The center is often referred to as a “cone” or “eye,” which gives the flower its name.
  3. Black-eyed Susans are associated with warm summer days and are often seen as symbols of encouragement, justice, and protection.
  4. Black-eyed Susans are perennial plants, meaning they live for more than two years. They bloom during the summer and continue to provide colorful displays year after year.
  5. These flowers are highly attractive to bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. They provide nectar and serve as a valuable food source, aiding in the pollination of other plants.
  6. Black-eyed Susans can be found in a variety of habitats, including meadows, prairies, open woodlands, and roadsides. They are well-adapted to different soil types and can tolerate some drought conditions.
  7. Native American tribes traditionally used Black-eyed Susan plants for medicinal purposes. The roots were used to make a poultice for treating snake bites, swelling, and sores.
  8. Black-eyed Susan is the state flower of Maryland. It was chosen as the state flower in 1918 and is a symbol of the state’s natural beauty.

Okay, let’s jump into the black-eyed Susan craft, starting with the items you’ll need for the craft

List of Supplies for Black-eyed Susan Craft

black-eyed Susan craft - supplies needed for project
  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Craft glue
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors
  5. Black-eyed Susan craft template

Instructions for black-eyed Susan craft

Step 1:

Select two different shades of yellow craft paper for the flower (you can use any shade of orange as well) and then choose brown or black craft paper for the center of the flower. Trace the two big flower patterns on the lighter color and the small flower patterns on the darker shade of paper. Trace the strip on the brown or black paper. Cut out the traced patterns from the papers. Cut small and even fringes along the strip.

black-eyed Susan craft - step 1

Step 2:

Start rolling the yellow fringed strip neatly and tightly.

black-eyed Susan craft - step 2

Step 3:

Roll the whole strip and apply glue at the end of the roll to secure it.

black-eyed Susan craft - step 3

Step 4:

Take the flower pattern cutouts and stick the small ones in the center of the big ones.

black-eyed Susan craft - step 4

Step 5:

Take a flower cutout and create a crease along each petal (from the tip of the petal toward the center of the flower pattern). Similarly, create creases on the other flower cutout.

black-eyed Susan craft - step 5

Step 6:

Apply glue in the center of any one of the flowers and place another one on top it.

black-eyed Susan craft - step 6

Step 7:

Stick the rolled fringed paper in the center of the flower to complete the flower craft.

black-eyed Susan craft - step 7

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Stories for the Family

If you’ve been getting craft ideas from Only Passionate Curiosity for a while, you know we love to share suggestions for books. While these aren’t books about black-eyed Susans, they are informative books for kids about flowers, and a couple of fun storybooks are on the list as well!

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