Easy Paper Lollipop Flowers

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. I have been blessed with the world’s best mom. No kidding! She really is fabulous. This year, she’s traveled out to my home twice while I had surgery to help with the kids and keep me from going totally insane. She’s always here when I need her – and lately, that’s been a lot.

I know that it’s not the easiest thing for her, to just pack up and come to my house for weeks at a time. But that doesn’t stop me from calling her and asking her- because after all, she’s my Mama. I want her there when the scary things happen, and surgery is a scary thing.

And so she comes. Every single time. She drops everything and heads to my house. She hugs my babies and makes sure the nurses at the hospital keep the pain meds coming.

She just went home last week, and I already miss her. I miss having someone to chat with in the car. I miss having her to lean on when my kids are having a cranky sassy day. I just miss her.

So I decided I need to get a care package together for my Mama for Mother’s Day as my way of showing her how much I love her and how thankful I am that she’s my Mama. As a military wife, I am no stranger to care packages. I just love putting them together and coming up with fun new ways to package treats.

We started with a trip to AAFES to pick up some supplies. American Greetings was offering two dollars off three Mother’s Day cards at the PX, so we picked up a handful for all of the kids to write notes in. I also got some pretty wrapping paper to line the box, some tissue paper, candy, spray glue, and paper tape.

Decorating the inside of a care package is easy. I always get a flat rate box so I can make it as heavy as I want without worrying about the cost. Then open up the box so you can work on the inside. Spray it with spray glue (I find it works best if you work on one small section at a time.) and roll out the wrapping paper on top. Then cut the excess paper off with scissors and tape the box back up!

Once that was done, the kids and I started making paper flowers out of the tissue paper and lollypops. The kids really wanted to mail her flowers, and these are sure to arrive still in good condition!

We folded and cut the tissue paper (six, 6″ squares per flower), layered it together, placed the lollipop in the middle, then used paper tape to create the stem and hold the petals on. I created a short video to show you just how to put them together:

Finally, the kids and I added our cards to the box.

We each wrote a note to my mom – probably not saying nearly enough to say thank you – but doing our best to be as mushy as one can be in a card. Little Miss decorated her envelope for a little extra love, and then we packed it up and took it down to the post office.

It will arrive soon, and hopefully the flowers are just as beautiful when she opens the package. And hopefully the next time she comes to visit us, it will be for a fun vacation instead of a hospital stay!

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They arrived!

This article was written by Heather–the former owner of Only Passionate Curiosity.

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  1. As the Mama who received the beautiful box of flowers I can say they made my day! They arrived looking beautiful. The wrapping paper inside and as the mailing label really made it a happy package. Thank you! I feel like I got a box of love.

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