The first days… waiting on a plan

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I have no idea what I am doing.

We ordered our Moving Beyond the Page (5-7 unit 1) first unit now, so when we get to Germany, ideally, we can jump right in. It should arrive just a couple of days before we get on the plane to go, so I will have the plane ride to look it over and figure out what I really got myself into.

In the meantime, we are trying to focus on learning to read, so when we do get started, he’ll be able to keep up. (the website says it’s for “gifted” kids and I think Bug is pretty darn bright, but I don’t know if they expect him to be able to read at all)

For the last week or so, I have slowly introduced what it means to do “learning at home” with Mama, and he seems to really like it. We have been using’s phonics workbook, and progressive phonics alphabetti readers. He’s happy, but I feel a little bit anxious about HOW to teach him, and if this is really going to work.

I’ve spent HOURS *read: I’ve been downright obsessive* pouring over curriculum options, state requirements, teaching plans…. everything, trying to figure out how NOT to ruin my child. So far, I haven’t purchased anything other than the one MBtP unit, and I am trying to not get sucked into the black-hole that is the homeschool market, but holy CRAP. I want to do this RIGHT.

No wonder everything is so expensive, they are preying on a Mama’s conscience here!

Check out the curriculum tab to see what we have “decided” to use for now…. I’m sure it will change frequently!

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