Fun and Creative Underwater 3D Craft

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When it comes to teaching children, the best kind of learning is often the hands-on kind. This is why it’s a great idea to add a craft like this fun underwater 3D craft to your learning plan. Whether you’re taking on a sea life unit study for your homeschooling family, or just trying to find a few summertime boredom busters, this activity will only increase the fun!

And don’t miss our list of additional activities after the underwater 3D craft, as well as a few recommended books on ocean themes. Okay, let’s dive in (no pun intended).

Supplies Needed for Underwater 3D Craft

Here are a few supplies you’ll need for the 3D craft.

3D craft

Full List of Supplies for Underwater 3D Craft:

  1. Colored cardstock papers
  2. Craft foam sheets
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors
  5. X-acto knife
  6. Craft glue
  7. Black marker
  8. Googly eyes
3D craft

Instructions for the underwater 3D craft:

Step 1:

Select 5 different shades of blue-colored cardstock paper. Determine the arrangement of the layers and shades according to your preferences.

Trace the layer and background from the template on the colored papers you’ve chosen. Cut out the middle parts of the layers using an X-acto knife.  

Step 2:

Keeping the background paper intact, cut the middle traced parts for the rest of the layers. Arrange the prepared layers accordingly. Check the layout to ensure that the spaces grow progressively wider, as in the image below.

3D craft

Step 3:

Take the background paper and cut out a 1 cm thin bordered frame. Make sure it is the same height and width as the background.  

3D craft

Step 4:

Attach the frame to the background paper with the glue stick, making sure that all 4 sides of the paper and the frame are aligned nicely.

3D craft

Step 5:

Place and glue the 1st layer (with the smallest middle cutout) on the top of the frame attached to the background.

3D craft

Step 6:

One by one, attach a frame and then the next layer to complete the 3d underwater layer craft.

3D craft

Step 7:

Select different colored cardstock paper. Trace the underwater items (plants, fish, etc.) from the template and cut them out using scissors. Attach googly eyes to the paper fish. Use a black marker to trace details on them. You can get creative here!

3D craft

Step 8:

Glue the underwater paper plants between the water layers of your underwater 3D craft.

3D craft

Step 9:

Keep adding ocean plants to this underwater 3D craft. Arrange them however you like.

3D craft

Step 10:

Attach the paper fish to the underwater 3d craft and have fun!

3D craft

Here is the template for the Underwater 3D Craft

Additional Activities

Teach your kids about the properties of ocean water to expand this underwater 3D craft into a homeschool lesson. This includes an exploration of salt water, a study of wind and waves, and a look at buoyancy.

For younger students, this Ocean Fish Color, Count, and Learn printable will help your child grasp both math and science in a fun way. Your student will learn fun facts about fish including tuna fish, clown fish, jellyfish, and more!

Check out these 15 Creative Ideas for a Sea Life Unit Study, including choosing a specific sea animal to study, visiting your local aquarium, or writing a story about one or more sea creatures!

Here are a number of free ocean activities for kids that you might find helpful for your homeschool family. It includes links to ocean games, crafts, websites, and more.

And of course, what is a list of ocean or sea themed activities without a One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish craft?

Underwater and Ocean Themed Books

Here are a few of our favorite ocean-themed books to go along with your underwater 3D craft.

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