Life of an Insect Notebooking Pages

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Do you have a budding entomologist at your house? (If so, it might be fun to teach your little insect lover the meaning of the word entomologist!) Many children love to learn and study about bugs even though some of us moms don’t love them quite so much! You just might love it a little more, though, if you have some fun and easy resources to use to go along with your study.

Today we’re sharing a set of Life of an Insect Notebooking Pages with you. You’ll find pages to record insect classification, pages to draw the life cycles of the insects you’re studying, pages to draw insect habitats, a note page (with blank lines for your child to record thoughts and observations), a blank page for your children to draw insects they have observed or are observing, and a final page with beautiful drawings of all kind of insects! It could be used for a cover page or even as a coloring sheet. (If you have your children color these pages, we absolutely love and highly recommend Prismacolor Colored Pencils! They are fantastic! In fact, we recommend them for any time your children color with colored pencils.)

Want to add mosquitoes or fireflies to your study?

If you’d like to add mosquitoes or fireflies to your study, click here to find our All About Mosquitoes Life Cycle Unit Study or here to go to our Life Cycle of a Firefly Printable Pack.

More Fun Ideas to Extend Your Study

Making this pretty origami butterfly from Woo! Jr Kids Activities is a fun way to practice following directions and get some fine motor practice too!

Or how about this cute bee made from a recycled cardboard tube, wooden clothespins, and mini doily? (You could also use construction paper or other colored paper if you don’t have-or want to buy-the mini doilies.) Find out how to make it on Fun Family Crafts!

If your kids love to read (or if you wish they did!), the Ultimate Bugopedia: The Most Complete Bug Reference Ever may be just what you need! Use it to look up information for your notebooking pages and to have on hand to read about all kinds of bugs!

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