What is Love? 1 Corinthians Memory Work Pack

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I know it’s awfully close to Valentines Day, but I decided this weekend that I really want to work on this verse for Memory Work this coming week with the kiddos. I put together this 1 Corinthians Memory Work Pack to help them memorize the verse in a fun way!

Love is Patient Copy Work Cursive Edition_Page_01

 This pack includes 9 activities based on 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 (NIV):

1. Memory Verse Poster: Hang the Memory Work Verse where children can read it independently throughout the week.
2. “What is Love” Words: The highlighted words on the Memory Verse Poster show the positive traits defined within the verse. Discuss with the children what each highlighted word or phrase means.
3. Pocket Chart Memory Verse: Use the large word strips to place the memory verse in a pocket chart.
4. Name the Missing Words: Heart Cards can be used to remove words from the verse (change which words you remove each day) and have children see if they can remember what words are missing.
5. Unscramble the Verse: The Pocket Chart Verse can be mixed up and used as a puzzle. Have children put the words in order.
6. Personal Verse Scramble: You can print the large Pocket Chart words two to a page, and have children use them as a personal floor puzzle, or glue the words on a poster board.
7. Copywork: Two versions have been provided, manuscript and cursive font. There are many different ways to write in cursive, so feel free to have your children change letter formation to fit your requirements as need be. On the copywork pages, encourage your children to illustrate the concept in action on the top part of the page. For example, on the page that says “Love is kind” they can draw a picture of themselves showing kindness to a friend.
8. Vocabulary Sheet: A vocabulary matching sheet includes some of the more challenging words in the verse and their definitions. Discuss each word with your child and see if you can come up with real world examples of these words with them. For example, can you think of a time when you boasted?
9. Write a Letter: Encourage your child to write a letter to someone they love. Remind them of proper letter writing– they should include the date, and indent the body of the letter.

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Graphics from www.scrappindoodles.com license #TPT127186

DSC_0025Pocket chart verse fits perfect in this standard pocket chart– we use it for everything!


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