Mother Goose Time: Growing Up!

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This year has been huge for us. We moved halfway across the world. We welcomed a new baby. And Little Miss somehow grew up to be a smart, sassy, busy preschooler.

She started Mother Goose Time in March of last year, when I realized she needed something more to fill her cup before I started the school day with her older siblings.

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I think it’s easy for homeschool parents to focus on the older kids, because there is so much pressure to not mess this whole thing up. The older Bug gets, the more weight I feel on my shoulders. This is more than just learning the ABC’s now- at this point, the things I am teaching him will serve as a foundation for all the learning to come, and that is a huge responsibility.

Mother Goose Time Monday


At the same time, I have a responsibility to my younger kids as well. I know many people don’t think preschool is necessary (enter the refrains of “let them play!” “let them be little!” “don’t start too soon!” here) but for me, this past year especially, preschool hasn’t been about school as much as it’s been about the relationship I have with my little one.

Instead of being sent to play by herself, she got to start the day with my attention, with hugs, and songs, and crafts, and fun activities designed just for her. For half an hour a day, her school was every bit as important as her brothers, and over time, she’s just blossomed.

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This year, Little Miss has learned her letter sounds, and shapes and colors and all sorts of nursery rhymes and facts about the rainforest and her body . . . but most importantly, I’ve learned to have more fun with her while making sure she has plenty of opportunity to learn and explore the world around her in a purposeful way.

It’s been easy, and when she’s done with her lesson, she still runs off and plays to her hearts content (often with the craft of the day in hand) and I have more room to focus on the older kids without her begging for my attention (perks of filling her cup early in the day).

Little Turkey

I’m really excited that Mother Goose Time will continue to be a sponsor of our blog next year, especially considering Little Miss will be turning 4 this year, and will benefit even more from the program.

In January, we’ll be starting the new Dino Dig box. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite activities and crafts from the theme on Mondays.  I’ve also worked hard this month to make some printable unit study materials to go along with the program for the older kids to use too. Next week, I’ll roll those out for you, so stay tuned if you want to explore Dinos with us!

MGT Blog TransparentWe received a copy of this program free in exchange for sharing about our experience with it on the blog. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love this, Heather. My youngest is 2 1/2, so we’ll likely be looking at this kind of thing in the fall. Thanks for the reminder that preschool is about building relationships with our littles rather than “forcing school” on them.

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