The Nature Connection: Shadow Play

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The sun has been out in Germany three days in a row. Its amazing what a little vitamin D will do. I already feel my mood and energy level lifting! Today after Co-Op, instead of hurrying in the house to get on with the rest of our school work, we decided to do science outside and play with our shadows. Thanks to our latitude, we get nice long shadows even in the middle of the day, so there was plenty of shadow to play with!

Mr. Man acted like his shadow was an old friend he hadn’t seen in a long time (really, we haven’t, it’s been too overcast!) and got right to playing. He raced his shadow up and down the sidewalk, admired where it was attached, and reminisced about Peter Pan, who’s shadow fell off.

Miss Em probably doesn’t remember ever seeing her shadow. She spent most of play time hollering at hers and trying to get away from it!

Bug admired our Tree’s shadow, and learned all about how shadows are formed because our body (0r the tree, or any other object) blocks the light from the sun from the ground.

I love simple science days- so much learning packed into easy, fun lessons!



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  1. We’ve not had very much sun to see our shadows around here either. Looks like this was a lovely day!

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