Nature Journal for Little Learners!

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No matter what age your kids are, one of the best things about homeschooling is the ability to educate outside. Sometimes getting outdoors can even provide the lesson, which is the case with today’s printable– a nature journal for little learners! This nature journal is the perfect resource to grab before you and your young child(ren) spend some time outside together.

Why a Nature Journal?

Nature journals are a simple, no-stress way to get your kids to engage with the experience of nature and practice making and documenting observations, which is a fundamental part of being a good student—and a good scientist! Even young children are capable of making observations and starting to think scientifically. This 2 page, printable journal is perfect for young kids (Pre-K- early elementary) who are just learning how to make observations.

What Kinds of Questions are Included?

This nature journal is a great resource to use with younger kids, in particular, because it is gently directs children’s observations of nature with basic prompts that utilize their senses. This printable nature journal will:

  • Prompt kids to write the date and location of each outdoor adventure
  • Make note of the weather by choosing from a list of options
  • Describe the sights, sounds and smells of nature
  • Draw various outdoor sights

How to Use it:

Once you download any of our OPC printables, you are able to print them as many times as you like. This printable would be a great one to print several copies of and keep together in a binder. That way, your child can make nature journaling a regular occurrence (this makes a particularly great educational spring/summer activity). As a bonus, you’ll end up with a collection of observations from all of your child’s outdoor adventures! Your little learner will quickly start to enjoy the process of spending time outside and documenting the experience like a scientist.

Click Here to Grab Your Printable Nature Journal

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