Why I love living in Europe

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Sometimes I get frustrated about all the things I am missing from home. Things like Drive-thru, fast food that is truly fast, being able to understand when people speak to me, and Chipotle.

The longing for home never lasts very long, as long as I get out of the house. You can’t mope if you’re exploring. Germany is beautiful, and no matter what town I end up in, I always seem to find something wonderful.

How’s this for an afternoon snack with my beautiful loves?

Germans do it best.

Mr. Man never gets cold- I promise he HAS a coat, and I do make him wear it outside. What a goof.

Little Miss isn’t so little anymore.

And the view from the Cafe? To die for. How lucky can one girl be?

Doesn’t do it justice- but what a lovely thing to look at over a cappuccino!

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