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Thanksgiving Family Traditions

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One of our favorite Thanksgiving family traditions is our Thankful Turkey. For the last couple years, on November 1st, I bring out the Turkey. He gets a place of honor in the dining room right by the table, because each night over dinner, we each take a feather and write one thing we are thankful for.

We add the feathers to the bird a little by little during the month, and we watch him get VERY big, right in time for our big Thanksgiving feast.

Feathers on a thankful turkey

The last couple years, I had been using construction paper to make his feathers, but this year, with the help from Scrappin Doodles graphics, I was able to put together a printable version to share with all of you!


I laminated him, and we’ve been writing on his feathers with vis a vis markers. In theory, this means I could conserve paper, and erase it for next year…. but I kind of like saving the feathers each year, so I can look back and see what was important to all of us. Like a thanksgiving time capsule.

You can use this for the next two weeks until Thanksgiving, or just bring it out over Thanksgiving dinner and give everyone a feather to fill out. It would also be neat in a classroom or anywhere really!

Thankful Turkeys- get your free printable
It’s our favorite Thanksgiving tradition, and I am so excited to share it with you!

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